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    • 10 Amazon Prime Deals Your Post-Pandemic Home Needs Right Now

    10 Amazon Prime Deals Your Post-Pandemic Home Needs Right Now

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    As vaccination rates rise and the COVID-19 pandemic recedes, many of us are getting out of the house more often—and just in time to make this transition a little bit easier, Amazon Prime Day has arrived!

    For just two days—Monday and Tuesday—the internet’s largest retailer is slashing prices on hundreds of products that could really come in handy right about now. Because, let’s face it, reentry into the world is a great and wondrous thing, but it may be a little bit rocky at first.

    For instance? If you’ve been casually rolling out of bed for Zoom meetings, making it to the office on time might require you to set an alarm for the first time in eons. Or if your daily attire has been sweatpants and tees, it’s high time to dig your work clothes out of the depths of your closet. And alas, you can no longer spend all day slaving on sourdough starter to prep for dinner.

    All of which means your home could stand for some new purchases to help make this post-pandemic life a little less painful. Not sure what to get? Peruse this list, and see if any of these deals might make your mornings or evenings at home a little bit nicer right now.

    1. Echo Show 5 smart display with Alexa

    Echo Show 5
    Now you can wake up and Zoom from bed.


    The Echo Show 5 ($44.99, 44% off the regular price) is the new alarm clock you need for, gulp, going back to the office. Don’t worry, this ain’t your grandma’s alarm clock with a ringing bell jarring you from slumber. This baby also works as a TV screen, an ever-changing photo display, a way to make video calls, a recipe display, and a way to get weather and traffic reports.

    2. Cowin E7 active noise-canceling headphones

    Post-pandemic life can be hectic. Cancel the noise.


    Does your future hold a long train commute to work—or do you have days where you’re still working from home with a full house of rambunctious kids and barking dogs? In either case, these affordable noise-canceling headphones ($39.94, 33% off) will help you find a moment of Zen, and you’ll look cool to boot.

    3. Keurig K-Slim coffee maker

    Keurig coffee maker
    The only good part of waking up is Keurig in your cup.


    Do you need freshly brewed coffee pronto in the morning? Look no further than this single-server coffee maker ($44.99, 37% off) that delivers fresh coffee at the press of a button. Hot java in your travel mug makes braving the world that much easier.

    4. StorageWorks hanging closet organizer

    Closet organizer
    Organize those clothes that don’t have a stretchy waistband.


    If your wardrobe has been sweatpants and tees of late, you may need to bring clothes appropriate for leaving the house to the forefront of your closet. To help with your closet organization, grab a hanging closet organizer ($23.24, 25% off). We promise zippers aren’t as scary as you think.

    5. Travelpro expandable luggage

    Travel suitcase
    Get back out in the world with this carry-on suitcase.


    If you plan to reach cruising altitude again soon, snag a new carry-on suitcase ($149.09, 50% off). This sleek luggage will fit easily in your closet, but also expands to accommodate any purchases made on your trip.

    6. Himawari laptop travel backpack

    Laptop backpack
    Take your work on the road.


    If you need to take your computer on the road with you, consider a laptop backpack ($20.99, 33% off) that comes in colors from gray to pink. A built-in detachable USB cable will help charge your electronic devices whether you’re working from the airport or a beach.

    7. Instant Pot duo

    Instant pot
    This Instant Pot has 15 settings, from soup to sous vide.


    If you’re headed back to work—and no longer have time to make elaborate gourmet dinners—it may be high time to hop on the Instant Pot bandwagon ($54.95, 54% off). Not only can you steam and cook things in record time, you can also slow-cook your meals in case you want to prep food in the morning to have a hot dinner waiting when you return. It’s also a rice cooker, steamer, and yogurt maker.

    8. iRobot Roomba 692 robot vacuum

    Robot vacuum
    Come home to a crumb-free floor.


    Now that you’re out of the house more often, why not get some vacuuming done when you’re not at home? The robot vacuum ($199.99, 33% off) connects to Wi-Fi so you can turn it on from afar. The app also lets you adjust the settings from a mild to deep cleaning, you can also guide it toward which rooms you want covered.

    9. Ergonomic office chair

    Your lumbar will thank you.


    Even if you’re heading back to the office, chances are you’ll still be spending a fair amount of time at your desk at home. And if you’ve been perched on an uncomfortable kitchen stool, it’s time to upgrade to an ergonomic chair ($183.99, 20% off).

    10. Bento-style kids lunchbox

    No Salisbury steak or Jell-O in here.


    For kids used to a swanky at-home lunch this past year, going back to cafeteria food may be a tough reentry pill to swallow. So send your kids off with a cool bento-style lunch box this fall ($21.99, 45% off).

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