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    • 10 Essential Things Your Garage Needs This Summer: Do You Have Them All?

    10 Essential Things Your Garage Needs This Summer: Do You Have Them All?


    Whether you’re a seasoned DIY-er, hobbyist, or casual tinkerer, the garage is almost certainly going to be one of your go-to spaces. But, with all the tools and random items that accumulate there, that very same garage can easily feel cluttered, claustrophobic, and not all that comfortable.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way—if you stock a few garage essentials.

    So now that summer has nearly arrived, here are a few items to keep your garage organized and comfortable. Add a few, or all of ’em, to make your garage your new favorite place, and kick off those home improvement projects you’ve been wanting to tackle with gusto!

    1. Storage locker

    garage essentials
    A storage locker acts as a mini mudroom in your garage.

    Having a “drop-zone in the garage is essential,” especially in areas that get a lot of rain or snow, says Rebecca Langman, designer and owner of Revision Custom Home Design in Billings, MT.

    “No more tracking muddy boots or dripping wet coats into the house,” she says.

    A storage locker ($155.72, gives you a spot to kick off muddy or wet clothes and shoes, and has space to store supplies. It’s a great solution for homes without a mudroom, says Shelly Isaacson, an interior designer based in Stillwater, MN. Think of it as a mudroom in your garage!

    2. Workbench

    A solid workspace with lots of storage is a plus for just about any garage.

    Every garage needs a good workspace where you can tackle all your projects, no matter how handy you actually are, says Bette Abbott, a commercial and residential interior designer in Napa Valley, CA. This workbench ($137.43, includes a usable surface, tons of storage, and a light.

    “Even the least handy of us need a spot to tinker with projects not destined for the kitchen table,” she says. “Having a dedicated workspace in the garage is invaluable for larger and small projects alike—and a great spot to keep your tools organized.”

    3. Cushioned flooring mat

    Cushioned mats keep you safe and comfortable as you work.

    If you’ve ever stood on a hard concrete floor for a long time, you know the toll it can take on your feet and your back. Rolling out a cushioned mat ($73.99, will let you tinker away for hours with no pain.

    “This awesome mat will soothe your toesies and keep you from slipping, no matter how greasy your workspace gets,” says Justin Riordan, interior designer, architect and founder of Spade and Archer Design Agency in Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

    The mat also protects the floor from chemicals, paint, or any other substance you may spill in the garage, says Karen Gray-Plaisted, decorator and home stager of Design Solutions KGP.

    4. Wireless speaker

    Wireless speakers let you listen to your favorite tunes while you DIY.

    Playing music or your favorite podcast will help you get lost in your project and make it more enjoyable, says Isaacson. (You already knew this, right?) A wireless speaker ($199, is the easiest solution.

    And why not throw in a little style along the way? The retro style of this speaker will brighten up any garage space, Abbott says.

    5. Shop light

    Extra lighting is a garage essential.

    Extra light is an essential for any garage: A well-lit space is safer, more functional, and easier to keep organized, Abbott says.

    This LED shop light ($31.99, attaches to your existing ceiling light fixture. That’s a big plus, says Langman, since you can add extra light without needing to run any new wiring.

    “And the light output—wow, this illuminates the man cave to a whole new level,” Isaacson says.

    6. Mini fridge

    Keep beverages cold and handy with a mini fridge in the garage.

    Keeping a stash of water, beer, or other beverages in the garage will help you keep working in the zone, Isaacson says. A mini fridge ($169, will keep all your drinks cold and easily accessible.

    A garage mini fridge also helps you avoid going in and out of the house.

    “When you’re in the middle of a messy task, you’re not going to want to track that mess into the house just because you want something to drink,” Langman says.

    7. Ceiling storage

    Ceiling racks provide extra storage and free up space in the garage.

    As we accumulate more and more stuff, extra storage in the garage is truly essential, Riordan says. This overhead storage rack ($136.99, keeps items you don’t use as often out of the way.

    The ceiling storage will make your garage feel bigger and is a great space-saver for storing holiday decorations, luggage, or out-of-season clothing bins, Abbott says.

    8. Mobile toolbox

    garage essentials
    A mobile toolbox keeps everything within easy reach.

    There’s nothing more frustrating than having to hunt for a tool that you need while working on a project, Isaacson says. A mobile toolbox ($34.97, gives everything a place.

    Since it has wheels, you can move the toolbox around the garage so your tools are always at your fingertips, Gray-Plaisted says. There are also different-sized compartments for larger power tools and smaller ones for screwdrivers and hammers.

    9. Portable fan

    garage essentials
    A fan can help keep you cool in the garage.

    Most garages don’t have air-conditioning, so a portable floor fan ($62.99, will keep you cool even when you’re tinkering away on a sweltering summer day.

    Fans also provide much-needed ventilation, which many garages lack, Langman says. If you are working with paint or chemicals, a fan can keep you safe from fumes.

    10. Ceiling-mounted heater

    Stay warm as you tackle home projects.

    Are you jonesing to dabble in a few home improvement projects, but are deterred by the fact that the weather has turned cold?

    A ceiling-mounted heater ($46.99, provides “radiant heat while you stand in one place to work on your project,” Riordan says.

    Since it mounts to the ceiling, the heater will stay out of your way, saving space and keeping you safer as you work, Langman says.

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