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10 Genius Household Hacks We Stole From TikTok

Think TikTok is solely a social media platform for dance challenges? The platform is actually teeming with amazing household hacks that will make your life easier. Plus, we guarantee you’ll have fun trying out these user-generated ideas in your home.

So check out these amazing time-saving (and largely effortless) hacks. Posthack choreography optional.

1. Clean grimy oven racks with frozen dish soap


Cleaning my ovens with frozen dish soap. #clean #SageTellMe #satisfying #tanyahomeinspo #dishsoap #ovencleaning #hacks #fyp #foryou #viral #upgrade

♬ Nesesari – Kizz Daniel

Filthy oven rack with baked-on grease, meet frozen dish soap.

TikTokker @tanyahomeinspo inspired a social media cleaning movement when she discovered that frozen soap run over wire racks destroys grime. 

2. Put your plants on the rocks


I love having 🍅 & mozzarella with fresh basil on top! #GardenProject #planttiktok #lifehacks #planthacks #houseplantsoftiktok

♬ bee – Burbank

Are your plants constantly thirsty but you don’t have time to serve them a leisurely drink every day? Put them on ice. Or rather, follow this hack from @alidomus, who throws ice cubes into her basil plant when she doesn’t have time to water. Another score for ice in the household hack column.

3. Clean your toilet bowl brush—in the toilet


how to clean your toilet brush 🚽 – it’s easy! #cleanhouse #cleaninghacks #4u #4yp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ ROXANNE – Arizona Zervas

Where is the best place to clean your icky, drippy toilet bowl brush? Why, in the bowl of the toilet you just cleaned, naturally! Try @acleanbee‘s tip of soaking the brush in cleaning fluid in the toilet bowl and using the lid to keep the brush in place as it drip-dries.

4. Descale your kettle with cola


How to clean a kettle using only 1 ingredient. #HaventSeen #cleantok #cleaningtips

♬ Teach Me How To Dougie – Classics Reborn

Electric kettles are brilliant for heating up hot water quickly. But all that boiling (and boiling) means you’ll end up with a buildup of minerals in the bottom of your machine.

Take a tip from @carolina.mccauley to banish limescale from your kettle simply by boiling cola inside of it. (Just don’t drink it afterward!) 

5. Remove dust from your ceiling fan with a pillowcase


3 of my favorite cleaning hack vids here on TikTok. 🙂👍 #cleantok #cleaninghacks #cleanthatup #howto #satisfyingcleans #cleanfreak

♬ original sound – Clean That Up!

Fan blades are one of the most annoying things to clean in most homes. There is something about big chunks of dust falling on your head, or in your eyes, that makes the job seem like more trouble than it’s worth.

Except if you have an old pillowcase and follow @cleanthatup‘s genius hack of slipping the case over the blade. Bonus: This video also includes shortcuts for cleaning a hairbrush and AirPods.

6. Scent your vinegar


Better smelling vinegar #citrus #vinegarchallenge #vinegar #diycleaning #ecofriendlyproducts #ecofriendlyhack #diyhack

♬ Delicious – Pabzzz

Perhaps no other ingredient goes with hacks more than the OG cleaning staple, vinegar. But what if you can’t hack the sharp smell of your vinegar? Psst, you can make it smell less pungent.

Do like @nowitsclean and simply save the peel from anything citrus (oranges, lemons, or limes) and put them in a jar with the vinegar. Your next cleaning hacks will be not only a breeze, but also sublimely scented.

7. Clean your stained food storage containers


600k views can we get it to a million😛 #cleantok #wow #tanyahomeinspo #unbelievable #cleaningtips #cleaninghacks #homehacks #satisfyingcleans #clean

♬ Kolom – BukBak

There is something about plastic food storage containers that makes them want to hold on to grease and stains for dear life. Now your containers will once again be clean, thanks to a genius hack by @tanyahomeinspo. All you need is soap, water, and a paper towel. 

8. Freeze your plastic wrap


BRUH. DO IT ITS LIFE CHANGING🔥🔥🔥 #WeekendVibes #todayyearsold #learnontiktok #nursesoftiktok #foryou #lifehacks #lifetips #momsoftiktok #mindblown

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Who among us hasn’t fought a roll of plastic wrap and lost? The plastic sticks together, and doesn’t cling right. Rest easy, your battle against plastic wrap is finally over thanks to @officialtiktoknurse, who discovered that cling film should be kept in the freezer if you want it to actually cling!

9. Perfect your drapery spacing


#hack #interiordesigner #fyp #viral #foryou #rightguysaldireviews #righguys® best hack on tiktok #tiktokuk #home #homehack #oldvideo #reposted

♬ original sound – Official Right Guys Reviews®

If you have drapery you can never get to fall just so, @rightguysaldireviews will change your life. Simply take old toilet paper tubes, place them on the rack between the drapes’ grommets—and enjoy perfectly spaced drapes forevermore.

10. Tape your flower arrangement


Valentine’s Day is in 32 days so u might want to add this to your favorites 🌹🌸 #traderjoesflowers #traderjoes #flowerarangement #valentinesday2020

♬ Lofi – Domknowz

You just bought a pretty bouquet of flowers that somehow look meh in your vase. Scotch tape to the rescue! As @adrienedavidson demonstrates in her genius hack, you can use clear tape to create a grid to hold your flowers in place. Having support and structure for your posies means they look fuller and prettier. 

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