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    10 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts—Based On Mom’s Favorite Pandemic Hobby

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    Mother’s Day is around the corner (May 9), which means you need to put on your thinking cap (fast) in order to recognize this all-important lady in your life.

    And odds are, more than a year into the coronavirus quarantine, mom has developed an at-home “pandemic hobby”—be it sourdough proofing or perfecting her crow pose—that you could help her take to the next level with the perfect gift.

    Need some ideas? Here are some suggestions based on some of the most popular pandemic pastimes Mom might be doing, or curious to explore with the right encouragement.

    1. If she’s into gardening

    This smart workspace also comes in brown.


    Save you mother’s back, and you’ll be her favorite kid. Filling window boxes and patio containers is made infinitely easier if you don’t have to bend over. This smart pick also opens in the middle to reveal a plastic container that’ll hold soil or water to wash garden tools when the planting is finished ($215, Wayfair).

    2. If she adores baking

    This cutie comes in six other shades—even pink.

    Bed Bath & Beyond

    If your mom has morphed during the COVID-19 lockdown into an accomplished amateur baker, she might be ready for some next-level gear. Professional pastry chefs weigh their locally sourced whole wheat flour, rather than scoop it haphazardly into nesting cups, because it’s a more accurate method. This little scale is battery-run and easy to use, plus the sage green color is pretty ($25, Bed Bath & Beyond).

    3. If she loves yoga

    Attractive stripes bring this block up a notch.


    Every yogi in training wants the gift of reach—and a couple of new blocks make this possible. These pretty props, which come in several other blue and gray shades, are also earth-friendly as they’re made from 50% recycled foam ($18, Manduka).

    4. If she’s crafty

    An imported needlepoint kit from Belgium

    The Stitchery

    Knitting, crochet, and cross-stitch got many a homeowner through the long days of winter—and many home crafters are probably ready to move beyond simple samplers. Needlepoint, like crewel work, is a bit more challenging, but once complete, this floral pillow design will yield a beautiful bed topper ($36, The Stitchery).

    5. If she’s handy around the house

    Get her a pair that’s designed especially for women.

    Dovetail Workwear

    “Those gutters aren’t going to clean themselves,” she said last fall. Lots of moms tackled home improvement projects over the past year, but few had the proper hand protection until now. These work gloves are durable, flexible, and breathable, plus they were made just for women based on actual feedback from users ($25, Dovetail Workwear).

    6. If she digs chess

    Should you try the Sicilian defense?


    If she’s obsessed with “The Queen’s Gambit” and has been dabbling in a few games with her kids’ plastic chess set, give her a grown-up version—like this one that’s handmade from marble onyx. How chic will Mom look playing a game now? This chess board is so good-looking she might even want to leave it out as decor on a sideboard ($189, Amazon).

    7. If she’s a birder

    It’s double-sided for all-day feeding.


    There was a big uptick in birding during the lockdown—but serious watchers still had to contend with their age-old nemesis the squirrel. Banish this pesky rodent once and for all with this most excellent feeder (access to the seeds closes up when too much weight sits on the perch). Hang this smart find from a hook or the included pole ($90, BestNest).

    8. If she’s into mixology

    Try the three flavor blends in this nifty set.

    Williams Sonoma

    Drinking isn’t a hobby we sanction, but drinking well is a different story—and a tequila infusion kit is just the ticket for a budding home bartender. This one comes with a glass carafe in which to flavor the spirit and three tastes to choose from, including lime, chili, and a smoky blend. Cheers to warmer weather and drinks on the deck! ($75, Williams Sonoma).

    9. If she has many interests

    Does Mom have a ton of potential pursuits but none she’s had the chance to cultivate quite yet? Then a MasterClass subscription ($15/month, MasterClass) will keep her plenty occupied at home. This online platform offers video tutorials on a wide swath of topics—”Joy Luck Club” author Amy Tan teaches the art of fiction, Neil deGrasse Tyson scientific thinking, Samuel L. Jackson acting, and much more. This way, she can dabble or dive deep, which is certainly more rewarding than binge-watching “Office” reruns, again.

    10. If she’s craving some spa time

    Ah—a home spa!


    Let’s face it—at the end of the day, all Mom really wants is some pampering. While she might not be ready to book a spa trip, you can make her tub time at home feel a lot more indulgent with a simple tray to rest her book, soap, face scrub, and beverage of choice ($37, Wayfair).

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