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10 Shocking Facts About Chip and Joanna Gaines on ‘Fixer Upper’ That Will Leave You Floored


You weren’t born yesterday—so you know that what you see on reality TV isn’t exactly reality. And if you’re a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines on HGTV’s megahit “Fixer Upper,” you might be wondering what the cute couple are actually like behind the scenes. Well, wonder no more, friends! Here’s a rundown of some surprising, real-life facts about the famous duo that will leave you floored. Prepare to see Chip and Jo in a whole new light!

1. Chip wanted to become a baseball player

As a kid, Chip never dreamed of being on TV—or, for that matter, of being in the real estate game. He had hoped to become a professional baseball player … or a politician. But he ended up majoring in business administration at Baylor University in Waco, TX, the same college that Joanna attended, although not at the same time.

2. Joanna made her TV debut in tire ads

“I always dreamed of the idea of television, but never thought it would have to do with design or renovations,” Joanna told Popsugar. She got a degree in broadcast journalism and even interned for Dan Rather at CBS in New York City. But she eventually returned to Waco to work in her father’s tire shop—and make her TV debut in his advertisements.

3. For Chip, it was love at first sight…

Chip says he fell in love with Joanna before they’d even met, just by gazing at a family photo tacked up in her dad’s tire shop. Chip took his car there for repairs, and all but rejoiced when his auto broke down so he could finally finagle a face-to-face meeting with Joanna working behind the counter.

4. … But Joanna had the hots for Chip’s roommate

So indeed, Joanna and Chip first met when he was getting his brakes fixed at the tire shop. Unfortunately, Chip had brought along his roommate, who’s referred to as “Hot John” in the Gaines’ memoir, “The Magnolia Story.” Joanna tried to approach John first, but she didn’t have the nerve—he was that hot! That’s when Chip swooped in, breaking the ice by saying he recognized her from those tire commercials.

5. Chip was an hour and a half late for their first date

“He didn’t apologize for being late, either,” Joanna wrote in their memoir. And for some reason, she let it slide: “Only Chip could be an hour and a half late and have no one mad about it.”

6. Then, Chip didn’t call back—for months

His excuse? “I’d made a bet with Hot John to see who could hold out the longest before calling our dates back,” Chip admits. “I really wanted that 50 dollars from John! That’s the only reason I didn’t call.”

Once the second date finally happened, however, they were on track to get married in a little over a year.

7. Their first flip was really, really bad

Although Chip flipped his first house in college, Joanna first got into the act when they returned from their honeymoon and moved into an ugly little house they’d purchased with the intent of flipping it quickly and moving on.

In the penultimate episode of Season 4, they were bold enough to revisit their first flip, and their lack of experience was obvious and painful.

“We made every mistake in the book,” Joanna admitted. Among their renovation slip-ups? They painted over wallpaper, left the popcorn ceilings intact, and spent a fortune on double shower heads. Live and learn.

8. A leaky houseboat got them on HGTV

After buying, living in, flipping, and remodeling more than a half-dozen houses, Joanna posted their projects on her personal blog, and they spread from there. The next thing they knew, an HGTV producer contacted them, then showed up in Waco with a crew to see how the couple were on camera.

“Chip and I were horrible,” recounts Joanna.

They froze up on camera, and the crew was about to pack up and go home when the leaky houseboat arrived. Unbeknownst to Joanna, Chip had purchased a houseboat online, thinking it would be fun to move the kids aboard and live there for a while. Joanna was horrified, Chip was crestfallen, and their authentic reactions to the situation are what ended up getting them the show that would eventually become the one you know and love today.

9. Their family includes 4 kids, 60 farm animals … and counting

Chip helps with a new Magnolia farms family member
Chip helps with a new family member.


Chip and Joanna have four children: Drake, 11; Ella, 9; Duke, 8; and Emme, 6. They all live on a 40-acre farm with 60 animals, who keep popping out little goats, pigs, and chickens. So, will Chip and Jo follow suit with another kid?

“I’m trying to talk him into another child,” Joanna told Parade Magazine. “But he’s not interested.”

10. The Gaines don’t own a TV

Does that mean they don’t even watch their own show? They confess they get together with friends to watch on occasion, but for the most part, they’d rather be out in the world rather than watch a TV screen.

The Gaines family down on the farm
The Gaines family down on the farm


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