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    10 Surprising Features Inside the Property Brothers’ Own Homes


    Drew and Jonathan Scott of “Property Brothers” are known for their gorgeous home renovations on their many HGTV series, from the original show to “Brother vs. Brother” and beyond.

    But what do their own homes look like?

    In case you’re wondering how Jonathan and Drew decorate their personal spaces, here’s a gander at the features they deemed important enough to add. Some are pretty surprising—and not something you’d normally see in their clients’ homes.

    We can see why the Scott siblings have them, though, and why you might be inspired to add them to your own abode.

    Surprising things in the Scotts’ Las Vegas home:

    1. A sunken outdoor sitting space

    The Scott brothers must love sitting by this pool.


    Drew and Jonathan share a house in Las Vegas—and back in 2014, they revealed a renovation to the property in their series “The Property Brothers at Home.”

    The house itself is masculine but comfortable, with lots of dark tones and cozy furniture, but the real show-stopper is the outside space.

    The pool is ideal for hot summers in Las Vegas, and the area includes a sunken sitting space great for relaxing after a long day in the sun.

    With a large white L-shaped couch and a stunning stone fire feature (which doubles as a coffee table) this space is as luxurious as it is practical.

    “The yard is not finished unless it’s functional,” Drew said as they installed the white couch. “You need seating, you need tables, and we have some great stuff.”

    Drew, Jonathan, and their brother JD lounge in their sunken sitting area.


    Of course, while the brothers would certainly recommend seating in their clients’ outdoor space, this sunken sitting space isn’t a design feature the brothers are likely to put in their HGTV clients’ yards. It’s a luxe look that requires a large backyard and a great big budget.

    Still, it’s perfect for the Scotts themselves.

    2. An outdoor dining room

    This outdoor dining area looks chic with muted colors and clean lines.


    While Drew and Jonathan already have a great sitting space in the backyard of their Las Vegas home, they also decided to add a beautiful outdoor dining space, perfect for poolside lunches.

    This space is clean and sleek, with a dark patio cover for shade and a gray feature wall that contains both a TV and a fireplace.

    “It looks awesome, in the end, and I can picture our whole family out there dining,” Drew said.

    3. A curved kitchen island

    kitchen island
    This island is curved, giving the sitting space the fun feel of a round table.


    Drew and Jonathan made sure their Las Vegas digs had a large kitchen, and it has one style choice that truly stands out: a curved kitchen island.

    “The countertops are great,” Drew said when they first started renovating the house.

    In fact, the brothers found the counters and the curved island so superb that they left them just as they found them. They only changed up the cabinets and added some stools.

    This rounded island gave the sitting space a more intimate vibe. Each bar stool, instead of facing forward, curved in slightly. That allowed each person to see everyone around the counter, perfect for kitchen island conversation. Smart move, brothers!

    Surprising things in Drew’s honeymoon home:

    4. A fireplace in an unconventional shape

    Drew’s unique fireplace looks incredible.


    In “The Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House,” the Scott siblings renovated the Los Angeles home owned by Drew and his wife, Linda Phan. Since a fireplace is often a romantic focal point, it makes sense that they put some effort into making it unique.

    It turns out that the home’s original fireplace from 1921 had a firebox with an interesting peaked cutout. So the Scott brothers kept it as is, and simply cleaned up the rest.

    “Being able to keep that original feature and the original shape is amazing,” Jonathan noted.

    5. A whole wall of built-ins

    dining room
    Drew’s dining room looks amazing with these shelves.


    It seems no Property Brothers house is complete without a few built-ins. Drew and Jonathan know that shelves can provide convenient storage around a fireplace or in a media room, so they often include built-ins in their clients’ living rooms.

    For Drew’s honeymoon home, however he wanted his built-ins to be more of a statement piece, so in the dining room, he filled a whole wall with white built-ins.

    “This was a unique feature that we wanted to add in,” Drew explained, adding that he and Linda like to travel and wanted a place to store their collectibles.

    For an extra artistic look, they made sure many of the items stored in this wall were white, too.

    6. A statement hood vent

    Drew’s oven hood vent looks beautiful.


    Drew’s honeymoon kitchen also turned out very chic, with black and gold tones all around, a big island, and beautiful windows, for plenty of natural light.

    But perhaps one of the best features in this space is one that is usually forgotten: the oven vent hood. Vent hoods are typically designed to blend into the background, but this one popped.

    In an intense shade of black and with some shiny gold accents that echoed the light fixtures, this vent hood pulled the kitchen together.

    “We wanted to make sure, no matter where you are in the main living space, that you see one big focal point, and that’s the range and the vent hood,” Drew said as he presented the renovated kitchen.

    7. A black-and-white patio

    property brothers
    The black-and-white tile looks amazing.


    Drew’s honeymoon home is stunning inside, but what about outside?

    The Scotts took a big risk with the back patio, choosing intricate black-and-white tile for the flooring and a black-and-white striped awning. It was certainly a bold design, but the combination worked.

    “I love the mosaic tile,” Drew said, showing off the space. Linda added that one of her favorite pieces was the awning.

    “As soon as we added this,” she said, “it created just so much usable space.”

    Surprising things in Jonathan’s quarantine home with Zooey Deschanel:

    8. A statement coffee table

    At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Jonathan and his girlfriend, Zooey Deschanel, decided to quarantine together.

    It’s not clear whether they shacked up at his place, hers, or at a totally different abode elsewhere, but they’ve been posting plenty of photos that show the home’s interior—which is gorgeous, in true Scott brothers fashion.

    One feature that stands out in this space is the statement coffee table. It seems that Deschanel and Jonathan are often using it for board games during quarantine, but the table also serves as a beautiful accent piece, next to a plain white couch.

    With a complex geometric pattern and a dark, moody color, it’s the perfect accent for an otherwise light room.

    9. An electric piano

    Quarantine is a good opportunity to stay in and learn a new skill, and it seems Jonathan has chosen his new hobby.

    As he said in one Instagram post, “I’m determined to play the piano.”

    But who has the space to fit a full piano in their home, especially with the whole family staying in all the time?

    Jonathan proved that a home could have the benefit of a keyboard without taking up too much room, by getting an electric piano. It’s not only smaller than a full piano, but less noisy—earphone jacks allow Jonathan to practice without disturbing others.

    10. Floor-to-ceiling windows

    Drew and Jonathan are always trying to bring natural light into a home, so it’s no surprise Jonathan chose to shelter in place in a home that has beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows (and a patio to boot).

    The windows fill the living room with light, and provide great views of the greenery outside.

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