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    • 10 Things Your Bedroom Needs Right Now: Do You Have Them All?

    10 Things Your Bedroom Needs Right Now: Do You Have Them All?


    No room in your home merits more tender, loving care in the decor department than your bedroom. After all, this is where you sleep, relax, and spend quality time with that special someone. So why not make this space the luxurious oasis you deserve?

    And the good news is, it won’t cost all that much to amp up the ambiance here. To get your gears spinning, here are 10 items every bedroom—and bedroom owner—truly deserves.

    1. Flannel sheets

    Flannel sheets keep beds soft and cozy.

    “Who doesn’t love crawling into a cozy bed on a cold winter night?” asks Karen Gray-Plaisted, designer, home stager, and owner of Design Solutions KGP. To that end, flannel sheets ($34.44 to $69.95, make your bed extra snuggly.

    It’s also fun to change up your bedding seasonally, says Rebecca Langman, owner of Revision Custom Home Design in Billings, MT. Sheet sets come in many different colors, to give you the look you want.

    2. Essential oil diffuser

    Enjoy the benefits of essential oils, and make your bedroom smell dreamy.

    Adding an essential oil diffuser ($119, Parachute Home) to your bedroom will make it smell heavenly, but it also lets you enjoy the healing qualities of the oils, Langman says.

    Choose a diffuser with a minimalist design to blend in with the decor. This one can be set to run for three hours straight or intermittently for about seven hours.

    Certain scents are perfect for the bedroom, says Pamela Durkin, owner of Pamela Durkin Designs. Calming lavender and chamomile ease anxiety and help you sleep, and rose and vanilla are aphrodisiacs.

    3. Bedside lamp with USB port and outlet

    This lamp has a USB port and an outlet, so you can charge all your devices while you sleep.

    A multipurpose bedside lamp ($115.99, provides light so you can read until you doze off, and this one features a USB port and an electrical outlet, so you can charge all your devices while you snooze.

    “No more will you be able to use the excuse that your alarm didn’t go off because your phone battery died,” Langman says.

    4. Storage bench

    Store extra blankets and pillows in a stylish bench at the foot of the bed.

    Extra storage is essential for keeping the bedroom tidy. Store extra blankets and pillows in a tufted velvet storage bench ($129 to $161.99, placed at the end of your bed for easy access, says Shelly Isaacson, an interior designer in Stillwater, MN.

    The bench also doubles as a seat for putting on your shoes in the morning, and a comfy place for your pet to sleep, Durkin adds.

    5. Nightstand with drawers

    Store your nighttime essentials right next to your bed.

    Nightstands ($96.99, are something every bedroom needs. Just make sure to choose one with drawers so you can stash tissues or lip balm out of sight. This nightstand features a display shelf to hold keepsakes or your favorite bedtime books. It also comes in many different colors.

    6. Vanity tray

    Vanity trays keep your dresser tops clutter-free.

    Vanity trays ($26.99, contain clutter on the dresser or bedside table, Isaacson says. A clutter-free room keeps anxiety away, helping you sleep peacefully. A tray with a simple, geometric design will match any bedroom decor and hold jewelry, perfume, or other essentials.

    “I use a small vintage silver tray by my bed to hold my essential oils for sleeping, hand cream, and lip balm,” Durkin says. “It’s a great reminder to take a little better care of yourself each night before hitting the hay.”

    7. Fuzzy throw

    A fuzzy throw adds extra color and texture to your bedroom.

    Stay warm and cozy on a cold night with a soft, fuzzy blanket. A faux-fur throw blanket ($98, also adds “texture to break up a monotonous bedding set,” Langman says. Drape it across the foot of the bed or on a bedroom chair for a stylish element.

    8. Soft area rug

    Rugs keep you from stepping on the cold floor each morning.

    Having a soft rug to step onto makes getting out of bed a little easier, Isaacson says. This colorful rug ($33.99 and up, comes in many shapes and sizes to accommodate your space.

    Rugs also absorb sound, so you’ll sleep well, and Langman says rugs add texture and softness to the space.

    9. Blackout curtains

    Blackout curtains keep noise and sound out so your sleep isn’t disturbed.

    Cover your windows with blackout thermal curtain panels ($26.99, and you’ll wake up refreshed. These curtains block out 100% of light, reduce noise by 40%, and cut down on the amount of energy typically lost through windows, keeping your bedroom the perfect temperature year-round. The velvet fabric adds a luxurious element to your space, and there are many colors to choose from.

    10. Plant stands

    Plants filter the air so you can sleep better.

    Bringing plants into your bedroom is one of the easiest ways to turn the space into an oasis, Langman says. Plants filter the air and add a touch of greenery for a calming effect. A two-piece set of decorative plant stands ($124.99, is a stylish way to show off your houseplants.

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