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10 Things Your Closet Needs Now That You’re No Longer Stuck at Home

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At long last, with vaccine availability spreading and coronavirus cases receding in many areas of the U.S., we are finally heading back out into the world. Hallelujah!

The catch? Whether you’re working at the office, eating at your favorite sushi joint, or downing margaritas with pals, many of the places you’re going to might require better attire than your stretchy quarantine sweats that were on rotation while stuck at home.

All of which means it’s high time to size up your closet. Your suits and stilettos are in there somewhere—but where? And let’s face it, sifting through a tangled pile of clothes wouldn’t kick off your post-pandemic life on the right foot. It’s well worth your while to tame this mess, and maybe even add some touches that’ll make dressing up feel fun and empowering.

“Having a beautifully designed and organized closet can leave you feeling good about yourself—and it’s a great way to start and end a busy day,” says Marty Basher, an organization specialist at Modular Closets.

To help, we’ve got some smart ideas to decorate, organize, and display your clothes, accessories, jewelry, and more. Pick just a few, and watch your mornings and evenings become that much easier.

1. Lighting

Photo by Axiom Design Build 

Lighting is key to a good closet experience.

“Of course, it helps you find things,” says Basher. “And you’ll also see the difference between navy and black shoes.”

And if you have a walk-in closet, a chandelier is just the ticket.

“Go for glam—because everyone wants to feel like they have a celebrity closet,” says Drew Henry, founder of Design Dudes.

2. Accessory hanger for scarves, ties, and belts

Save space and find your favorite scarf.


“Ties, belts, and scarves can quickly become a snarled mess if you’re not careful with storage,” says Basher.

A smart rack or set of clips can turn an accessory disaster into a streamlined wonder, especially one in bright, cheery pink ($11.99, Amazon).

3. A colorful hamper

Hampers look quite chic these days.


Say sayonara to your mother’s old wicker hamper.

“Today’s laundry bins are more stylish than ever, so spruce up your closet with one that’s bright and functional,” says Basher.

This hamper is ($12.99, Amazon) free-standing but collapses so it can be easily folded up when not being used.

4. Hooks

Choose your monogram or word that inspires you.


Skip plain metal from the hardware store in favor of fun hooks with flowers, birds, or other designs—they’ll motivate you to stay organized! Hang handbags, jackets, and more from these stylish hooks, in every letter you need ($9.95 each, Anthropologie).

5. Tray for perfume and makeup

Corral makeup, jewelry, and your phone on this pretty tray.


A tray helps corral smaller items and makes them look great, too.

Henry recommends this elegant brass and glass tray ($19.99, Target).

“I love seeing these bottles reflected in the mirror, because it makes for a really dramatic look and turns these items into accessories in your closet,” he notes.

6. Artwork

Cheeky art makes getting dressed in the morning more fun.


Personal photos are fine next to your closet or inside a walk-in, but why not consider putting up something that makes you grin? And if it’s fashion-themed like this selection, all the better ($20, Etsy).

7. Sachets

Floral lavender can scent both the closet and your clothing.


Banish that musty smell from your closet with sachets in a favorite scent. This brand ($3.99, Target) is never tested on animals and is crafted from renewable ingredients and essential oils.

8. Seating

Photo by London Bespoke Interiors 

Tufted and soft, a small stool or pouf is a sweet addition to a spacious walk-in closet.

“This item adds color and gives you a spot to sit while you put on shoes,” notes Basher, who points out that even a small accessory like this can pull its weight. “You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!”

Wayfair has a bunch of options in fun colors and styles.

If you have the real estate, consider adding an island.

“It’ll increase the storage you have and provide counter space for folding clothes,” Basher adds.

9. Throw rug

Photo by Smith Firestone Associates 
A cold closet floor won’t inspire the perfect #outfitoftheday. The fix: a soft rug that’ll brighten the space, add warmth, and lend visual interest.

Basher picks this one ($16.99, Amazon) for its simple elegance and gentle price.

10. Small chest

Photo by Kelly Peloza Photo LLC 

Reuse a chest from another room to keep your clothes in order in the closet. Or if you’re in the market for a new set of drawers, Wayfair has some affordable picks in various sizes and styles.

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