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    14 Funny Word Art Signs You’ll Actually Be Glad to Have at Home

    Sick of word art? You know, those signs saying “Eat” or “Bless This Mess”? We are, too—which is all the more reason to embrace a whole new crop of signs that have dispensed with such earnest pleas and emphasize a sense of humor instead.

    If you’re longing to inject some much-needed silliness into your home, check out these refreshingly irreverent word art options below.

    1.  For when you’re not in the mood for company

    make yourself at home sign
    For when you’re just not in the mood for guests


    You always want to be a giving, gracious host, but sometimes you may not be in the mood for company. This sign (Etsy, $13) says exactly what you’re thinking, but probably would never have the nerve to say.

    2. For when you have a no-shoes home

    shoes sign
    For those who insist on no shoes in the house, no matter what


    There’s something so uncomfortable about taking your shoes off in a home you’ve never visited before. And even knowing that, you’re still going to ask your guests to remove their shoes, so you might as well have some fun with it. Just point to this sign (Etsy, $35) and move on.

    3. For when you need a reminder to be nice

    dont be a turd
    For when you need a reminder to up your game


    Being a nice person should come naturally, but there are some days when we all need a reminder. For those days, there is this sign (Etsy, $22). Hang it where those who need it most will see it.

    4. For the martyr in the house

    exhausted sign
    For when you’re the one who does all the work

    Tessa Mea Designs

    If you feel you’re the only person in the house who ever gets anything done, hang this sign (Tessa Mea Designs, $30) and let it say what you’re always thinking. Maybe they’ll even get the hint (but probably not).

    5. For when you’re ready for a good day

    today I will be happy
    For people with an optimistic outlook

    Daisy Trading

    Have you ever seen a bird with a french fry? Pure joy. You’re sending positive vibes out into the world, and just as this sign (Daisy Trading, $33) says, you’re going to be that happy.

    6. For when every night is pizza night

    pizza night
    For those who prefer not to cook


    At first glance, this dining room sign looks as if it’s quoting the Bible, but it’s actually a reference to the greatest food ever invented. If your family likes pizza—and we know they do—you’re going to want to order this sign (Etsy, $14) ASAP.

    7. For when you’ve got (bad) jokes

    eye roll
    For cringeworthy punsters


    If your jokes are always making eyes roll, then this sign (Etsy, $7) should have a place of honor on your home.

    8. For when you like to shake it while you bake it

    shake it kitchen
    For when you need to liven up your kitchen


    Suddenly, all those nostalgic songs that make you shake your groove thang also have a perfect spot in your kitchen with these cleverly designed signs. Pick up this set of eight (Etsy, $56) and show all your guests that you’re so much more than a fabulous chef.

    9. For when the sink is full again

    dirty dishes sign
    For when the sink is full again

    dirty dishes sign

    If your sink is endlessly full of dirty dishes, you know you can’t get away from them. At least you can have a little bit of fun with it (Etsy, $20).

    10. For when you love a good veggie pun

    turnip the beet
    For when you need a good veggie pun

    This funny sign (Amazon, $12) fits right in with any classy kitchen decor, but it’s actually a fun veggie pun that’ll make all your house guests giggle.

    11. For when you wish Alexa could chip in a little more

    alexa laundry
    For when Alexa is a slacker


    Yes, it’s nice that Alexa can lock your doors and turn on your favorite soft jazz music, but wouldn’t it be great if she could chip in where it really matters (Etsy, $25)? Like maybe with the chores?

    12. For when you’re bored in the bathroom

    forgot phone
    For when you need to pass the time in the bathroom


    What did we do in the bathroom before we had phones? If you forget yours, you don’t have to resort to reading the back of the air freshener can—you can have this handy bathroom-themed word search at the ready for phoneless disasters with this fun sign (Etsy, $30).

    13. For when people need a reminder

    wash your hands
    For when someone doesn’t wash their hands


    This pretty sign (Amazon, $13) is all flowers and gorgeous blues … but it’s also a not-so-subtle reminder that people should wash their hands. Because someone in your house probably doesn’t.

    14. For when you need a little bathroom humor

    bathroom humor
    For fans of bathroom humor


    Bathroom humor gets a bad rep, but it has its place… and that place is definitely your bathroom! These signs (Etsy, $10 each) won’t fail to elicit chuckles from your family or your guests, so get the whole collection and hang them in your most-used powder room.

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