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    15 Quirky Real Estate Awards That Don’t Exist (but Should)

    Awards get handed out a lot in the real estate industry. From small office accolades, to national titles worthy of putting into your email signature, there seems to be no end of kudos to be garnered.

    But there are things in this industry agents should be recognized for, yet no award exists…

    So, we asked our audience what they’d like to see given as an award for their real estate struggles and victories. Rather than having you sift through the hundreds of comments, we’ve compiled of the best ones for your viewing pleasure:


    A monetary award would be great for this one…


    Hundreds and years…


    The Held It Together – Award


    The Held Yourself Together – Award


    Probably should be a buyer version of this award too…


    Whether it’s due to dealing with multiple offers, or lowball offers…


    Mind your P’s & Q’s


    This would be a hard one to grade, nobody will admit the number…


    More grueling than the NYC marathon…


    Earn college credits while you work!


    Not every hero wears a cape…


    Perhaps the instructions already looked like an easter egg hunt…


    The trophy should look like a set of gritting teeth…


    It would certainly be a consolation after not even being able to fill the gas tank…


    Its like I-spy but you have to familiarize yourself with the recording laws in your jurisdiction first…

    Alright, that’s all of them, tally ‘em up! How many of those awards would you win if they truly existed!?!?

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