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17 Security Questions Real Estate Agents Will Never Forget, and Even the Best Hacker Couldn’t Crack

Lets face it, while your mother’s maiden name, your childhood best friend, or first pet are all something you can easily remember, most security questions are pretty easy for a hacker to figure out. But there’s almost no chance a hacker could figure out the tiniest facts and memories that a real estate agent can recall for the rest of their lives!

So let’s take a look at 17 security questions that don’t actually exist, but would be easy for a real estate agent to recall — ones that even the best hackers couldn’t crack:

1) How long did it take before you sold your first house?

It’s a huge concern for anyone getting into the business! Most agents are told to brace themselves for at least six months between becoming an agent and getting their first commission. No matter how long it takes, an agent will never forget exactly how long it took them to sell their first house.

2) Who was your first client?

It doesn’t matter how many years, or how many houses you’ve sold, you also never forget who your first client was!

3) What was in the living room of the third house you showed to your first client?

OK, maybe this is a little too specific, but you’d be amazed at how many things agents remember about almost every house they ever show to buyers throughout their career.

4) What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on a showing? (***Cannot be the same answer as what you saw in the living room of the third house you showed to your first client.)

As much as agents can remember even the tiniest details over the years, there are some things that you can’t erase from your memory even if you want to!

5) Who was your first friend or relative to work with another agent?

It stings every time, no matter how many years you’re in the business, or how many times it happens. But you never forget the first time a friend or family member broke the news to you that they just listed or bought a house with another agent instead of you.

6) What is the most number of years another agent told you they’ve been in the business when trying to establish dominance in a negotiation?

“In my 29 years in the business…” The number of years varies, but every agent hears this sentence almost verbatim from another agent at some point in their career! But whatever that number is, it becomes the number you think of every time someone jokes or complains about another agent bringing up how long they’ve been in the business.

7) What year was your current headshot taken?

Agents are notorious for not getting their headshots updated, so the chances are they’re well aware of how old the headshot they’re using is. To be fair, they’re way too busy to take the time for a professional photo shoot. (If only selfies were appropriate for business cards…)

8) What is your lockbox keypad code?

You probably already type it into your microwave, alarm system, and when they ask for a pin code at the store as it is, so why not use it for your security question?

9) Do you think open houses are worth doing? (Yes or no answer only.)

Most agents probably have a more in depth explanation as to why they feel the way they do, but every agent also has a pretty firm stance on whether open houses are worth doing or not.

10) How many naked people have you walked in on when showing houses?

It doesn’t happen to every agent, but it happens to enough agents where this is totally a legit security question they could answer.

11) What is your go-to alcohol after a deal falls through?

Some agents don’t drink, but the ones who do know exactly which drink takes the edge off for them after a deal falls through.

12) How many square feet are in an acre?

OK, sure, a hacker could just look this up. But nobody wants to know this fact, and the only reason an agent knows it is to pass the real estate exam.

(See, you’re probably thinking about Googling it right now, but you aren’t because you don’t actually want to have it floating around in your head…)

13) Which top-producing agent in your area are you secretly jealous of?

Unless you’re the top-producer in the area, you have a name that comes to mind…

14) What is the most number of houses you’ve shown in a day?

There’s only so many hours in a day and, therefore, only so many houses you can show in one day. But every agent has put that number to the test, and can vividly recall how many houses they were able to show in one 24-hour period.

15) What is the most number of houses you showed to a buyer before they bought?

Over the years, the average number of houses a buyer looks at before they buy has ranged from between 8-12. But not every buyer is average! It takes showing some buyers a lot more houses than that, and an agent always remembers the most it took before their buyer found the one they wanted.

16) What is the most number of houses you showed to a buyer before they decided to keep renting?

This is very close to the last question, but an entirely different stat that an agent will always remember. It’s one thing to work for a long time with a client who eventually buys, and another to spend months on end only for the client to decide to keep renting.

17) What’s your favorite real estate humor site?

It’s an obvious answer that every agent can easily remember, but a hacker probably wouldn’t know that it’s The Lighter Side of Real Estate!

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