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4 “Exercises” to Help Real Estate Agents Train for the Spring Market

Real estate is a fast-paced, hectic career throughout the year, but to survive the spring market agents need to be in tip-top shape.

It takes discipline to carve out time for exercise between appointments, but it’s crucial if you want to have a leg up on your competition and achieve peak performance and results for clients when the really busy months roll around.

Here are four ways to take traditional exercises and tweak them into the perfect spring training exercises for real estate agents:

1) “Wait” training

No need to get buff by actually pumping iron, but doing some “wait” training can be super useful. Waiting for the spring market to get here is one thing, but once it does arrive there’s even more waiting to do. Waiting on buyers to show up for showings… Waiting for responses to offers you submit… Waiting for the clear to close… Building up your ability to handle waits will help you keep your cool when the market is hot.

2) Pull-ups

Considering how often agents pull up to the gas pump, a drive-thru for grub, or houses to show or list, practicing car pull-ups can help an agent cut crucial minutes of wasted time out of their day!

3) Crunches

A six-pack of abs isn’t actually all that useful or necessary for an agent. But the ability to crunch numbers on the fly comes in handy! Let those fingers fly on a calculator for peak performance in the spring market.

4) Running

Agents are constantly running from one appointment to another, running late because an appointment ran longer than expected, and running late to get home from a long day of work. Training for a marathon or the 100-yard dash isn’t going to help, but running from one place to another even on a slow day is bound to help an agent hit the spring market at full speed.

In addition to those four exercises, agents should also consider eating more food before the spring market arrives, for no other reason than they never know when they’ll be able to stop and eat lunch or dinner. Take that as a license to eat as much pizza (or any other favorite food) as you want!

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