5 Home Enhancements to Help Sell Your Home Now

    In a recovering market, it’s best to ensure your home has one-of-a-kind touches that will appeal to the buyers’ market. The most important step is realizing what are the most common types of buyers that are going to come through and look at your home.

    In a town that’s highlight is skiing, you’ll find your house much more marketable if you decide to add enhancements skiers appreciate.

    A Heated Garage

    It seems simple enough, but having a toasty garage to unload ski gear in after a long, chilly day on the slopes is a luxury.

    Not only does it make those early mornings less dreadful, it makes the space more usable year round. It allows homeowners to spend time out there maintaining their gear in a temperature controlled space.

    Add Some Skiing Related Decorative Touches

    Having a wine rack made up of skis or snowboards hanging on the wall, for example, will appeal to most winter sports enthusiasts.

    Adding a touch to the home that isn’t seen in most other homes will enhance a home’s uniqueness.

    A ceiling light fixture made of vintage skis adds another personalized flair to a home that sits in the middle of ski country.


    Skiing comes with a lot of gear and nothing’s worse than wanting to hit the slopes but having to search around the house for equipment.

    Having an area devoted to storing the necessities will score major bonus points with seasoned skiers. A ski rack in the garage is great for skis and poles and adding an area for minor repair and maintenance is a huge selling point, as well.

    Capacity for Groups

    Making sure your kitchen can support feeding the masses is essential in a ski home. They’ll want the capabilities to rent their house out during peak season for some extra cash flow.

    A kitchen with a large refrigerator, extra prepping sink, and a pasta arm over the stove top, are some minor touches a seller can add for added appeal.

    Indoor Entertainment

    While ski enthusiasts spend a great majority of their time outside, when they’re inside, they like to relax. A wet bar is a fantastic eye catcher, offering serious relaxation and convenience in one fell swoop.

    A home movie theater is another great selling point, especially for skiers with kids. A large projection screen and squishy theater chairs set on platforms are a fantastic treat to end the day.

    Selling a ski home in a hopping ski town shouldn’t be difficult if it has all the right touches to make it ski-friendly and luxurious.

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