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6 Ways to Be the Perfect Wingman (Or Woman) For Your Favorite Real Estate Agent

Thanks to the original Top Gun movie back in 1986, the term wingman went from being something only pilots used when flying in formation, to a word used to describe a friend who helps another friend pick up someone at the bar. The term has evolved even more over the years. Now it doesn’t have to be at a bar, and it can certainly apply to women as well!

But why stop at it being something to help a friend find love?! You know who could use a good wingman (or woman) every minute of every day? Real estate agents!

Agents could seriously use a dedicated person by their side introducing them to hot new sellers, and buyers looking to fall in love with a new home. So let’s take a look at 6 things you should know to be the perfect wingman (or woman) for the real estate agent in your life!

1. Know what they’re looking for

Much like it helps to know your friend’s taste in a man or woman when introducing them, it helps to know what your agent friend is looking for in a client.

Are they more into buyers or sellers? (There’s a good chance they’re into both!) Will they take on a first-timer, or do they only work with people who’ve bought a house before? How many can they take on at once?

These are just a few questions to get the conversation rolling. But make sure to have a long, deep talk about what they want and don’t want in a client so you can be on the hunt for the right fit.

2. Are they ready for a relationship yet?

Ideally, your agent friend is looking for someone who wants to get down to business pronto, but that doesn’t mean introducing them when they’re just getting started is a bad thing. People start the process of buying or selling a house months (if not years!) in advance, believe it or not. So look and listen for signs of someone who’s just starting to think about listing their house or looking for a new home. And no matter what stage they’re in, give your agent the heads up on where they’re at in the process so he or she can say just the right things, just the right way.

Bonus points if you can find out if they’re already working with another agent, and if so, how committed they are. You don’t want to introduce your friend to someone who’s “married” to another agent and in love with him or her. But if they’re not in love with their agent and are looking for a new one, it’s still good for your agent friend to know they’re coming out of a rocky relationship.

3. Give a glowing (yet humble) introduction

While you could just give the potential client your agent’s name and number, a personal introduction goes a long way. Whether it’s actually in person over coffee or drinks at the bar, or through a text or email, make sure to give a glowing introduction of the agent, but keep it real and humble. You don’t want to sound so over the top that you come across as pushy, or that your friend is desperate for the business. To put it simply—make him or her sound like they’re great at the business, and would like more business, but doesn’t need more business…

4. Take one for the team

On occasion, a classic wingman or woman will cozy up to the less attractive (or overly annoying) friend to give their pal the opportunity to reel in the more attractive mate. In real estate terms, that would be you taking one for the team by occupying the clients friend or family member who thinks they know everything about real estate. So if you hear a parent, uncle, coworker, or anyone else start giving their opinion on what your friend’s client should do, it’s time for you to swoop in! Get them out of the way so your agent friend can give their client professional, objective advice without interference from a know-it-all who doesn’t in fact know it all!

5. Take off their beer goggles

It’s a wingman’s job to make sure their friend hasn’t had a few too many beers and is sizing up potential mates with “beer goggles” on.

Whether your agent friend has had a few drinks or not, sometimes a prospective buyer or seller lead can seem a lot more attractive than it actually is. If you catch your friend agreeing to take a listing that’s way overpriced, or show a buyer tons of houses without being pre-approved for a mortgage, it’s time to step in and make sure they see the situation for what it is—a relationship they’ll soon regret!

6. Remind them that there’s other fish in the sea

It can be heartbreaking (or at least embarrassing) when a friend gets all excited and tells you they got someone’s phone number, only to find out it was a fake number when they try to call or text. Or worse, they just get outright rejected when they ask someone for their number.

You wouldn’t believe how many fake numbers people give agents at an open house, or just plain refuse to give them their contact info at all. So if your friend is down about being rejected time and time again, just remind them that it’s all a numbers game and to focus on the ones who do want to hear from them.

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