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    7 Go-To Design Tricks Tarek and Christina Always Do on ‘Flip or Flop’


    What a year it’s been for Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead! Despite their highly publicized divorce, these house flippers are still going strong—as is “Flip or Flop,” which recently wrapped up its eighth season.

    Their hit show has also spawned spinoffs such as “Christina on the Coast”—renewed for a second season that’s starting soon—and some new shows in the works with El Moussa.

    So what’s the secret to their enduring success, and the fact that they seem to bat way more flips (with a nice profit) than flops?

    Well, some might argue that their tabloid-ready marital drama didn’t hurt their ratings, but we’d like to point out that the true proof is in their signature style. Not that these flippers are unoriginal with their renovations—they’re always taking risks and trying new looks—but they certainly have some go-to renovation tricks to make their flips such a success.

    Here are El Moussa and Anstead’s signature moves you’re sure to see in just about every episode of “Flip or Flop.”

    1. They use a whole lot of black, white, and gray

    If there’s anything El Moussa and Anstead are known for, it’s their color palette. Or, perhaps their lack of one. They use a lot of black, white, and gray. These colors make their flips look chic and modern while providing buyers with a clean look almost anyone will love.

    You’ll find them using black and white tile in almost every episode (whether it be the kitchen, the bathroom, or both), and they love choosing gray paint colors. Then, when renovation is done, you’ll see them embrace their favorite colors with some more black, white, and gray staging. The result is always sleek and glamorous.

    black and white kitchen
    A signature “Flip or Flop” kitchen


    2. They love geometric tiles

    Anstead and El Moussa use a lot of tiles with busy, geometric shapes. When used as an accent for a kitchen or as a feature for the floor of a bathroom, these distinct shapes give their flips a modern vibe. Every “Flip or Flop” house is sure to have a fun tile pattern somewhere.

    Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead’s signature tile style


    3. They use flashy light fixtures

    Anstead and El Moussa love glam light fixtures, so that’s why these two always top off a remodel with statement light pieces. Sometimes they put a sparkly chandelier in the living room, other times it’s a more understated, modern piece in the kitchen—but their flips are sure to always include some attention-grabbing lights.

    Shabby-chic lights bring this kitchen’s look together.


    4. They take down the kitchen wall

    Anstead and El Moussa take down walls in almost all of their flips, especially when a wall in question blocks off the kitchen from the living area.

    But bringing down a wall isn’t always as simple as busting down some plywood. Sometimes a kitchen wall is structural and these flippers have to get creative (and usually shovel out some more cash) to open up the space. Still, El Moussa and Anstead will do just about anything to open up the kitchen in their flips, and in the end, it always works to their advantage. The result is amazing sightlines and open-concept living.

    Anstead is getting ready to take down another wall.


    5. They make over the fireplace

    It’s always a huge bonus when a flip comes with a working fireplace, but there’s no way Anstead and El Moussa are going to let any fireplace keep its original look. They demo the existing exterior (usually outdated brickwork), then give the fireplace new life with sleek tile and a bold color to bring the room together. With such great style, these fireplaces always make for an unforgettable feature.

    flip or flop fireplace
    This updated fireplace is a “Flip or Flop” classic.


    6. They glam up the kitchen backsplash

    Anstead and El Moussa use plenty of white in almost all of their kitchens. They put in either white cabinets or white countertops, or—more often—both. This choice always turns out well, with the white making the kitchen feel open, clean, and welcoming. Plus, it leaves room for lots of creativity when it comes to a colorful, textured backsplash. Which is perfect because these two clearly love putting their tiling talents to good use!

    white cabinets
    White cabinets with a unique backsplash is a signature design by El Moussa and Anstead.


    7. They add some surprises to the pool

    In Southern California, backyard pools are certainly a crowd pleaser. So, it’s no wonder that El Moussa and Anstead go all-out when it comes to a pool renovation. They’ve been known to install fabulous water features, large spas, and unique pool designs that make their flips really stand out—sometimes with a dinosaur skeleton!

    pool feature
    These star flippers always make the backyard memorable.


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