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    7 Outdoor Projects You Should Know How To Do Yourself

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    Half the battle of lawn and garden tasks is actually finding time to spend in your yard. But since we’re already staying put at home much of the time because of the novel coronavirus, popping out to tackle a few projects isn’t as much of a challenge.

    Of course, you could hire a professional to pitch in with some of the work, but if you’re looking for a break from all those Zoom meetings, why not do it yourself? DIY outdoor projects are a win-win for homeowners as they’re a great source of exercise and they help beautify your home.

    Need some inspiration? Check out these seven outdoor projects that you can tackle after work or on the weekend. We’ve included a checklist of what you’ll need and a timeframe, too, so you can slot them into your schedule all summer.

    1. Mow the lawn

    Photo by The Todd Group 

    You know those crisp lines on your grass make it look polished. So head to the garage and make it happen. If you’re lucky enough to own a large yard and have a riding lawn mower, this task is a breeze; though smaller lawns can be cut quickly with a self-propelled machine.

    Cutting your own grass just means turning on the mower, but to make it perfect you’ll need additional tools like a rake and a trimmer, says Josh Sevick, brand president of the Grounds Guys.

    Time for project: 30 minutes for an average lawn

    Tools required: Mower, rake, string trimmer, edger, and push broom or hand-blower


    2. Power-wash the deck

    Photo by Deck Guardian

    A deck that’s free of dirt and grime is a thing of beauty—and it can be yours with the simple rental of a power washer. Once you have the device in hand, you pretty much just stand there, turn it on, and blast away months (or years) of buildup.

    “Using a power washer is a more manageable and efficient way to thoroughly clean your deck, patio, or sidewalk bricks than scrubbing by hand,” says Gary McCoy, a garden and outdoor expert at Lowe’s.

    Time for project: A couple of hours

    Tools required: Broom, pressure washer, and detergent


    3. Build a fire pit

    Photo by C. Johnson Landscape Design Group 

    Few backyard DIY projects bring as much joy as a fire pit.

    “The only hard part about building a fire pit is lifting all the heavy supplies,” notes Aimee Bahs, brand manager at Mr. Handyman. But the price is right if you use stones found on your property.

    “Be sure to choose a level piece of ground away from the house that’s free of any low-hanging branches,” says McCoy.

    Time for project: An hour or so

    Tools required: Sand; gravel, pea stone, or lava rocks; and cinder blocks or retaining wall stones


    4. Create a butterfly garden

    Photo by Linden L.A.N.D. Group 

    Installing a butterfly garden will pay off for all your plants by attracting important (and pretty) pollinators. It will also provide a haven for these winged wonders to lay their eggs and thrive. And you can plant this type of garden just about anywhere, from a large piece of lawn to small container pots and window boxes.

    Time for project: About an hour

    Tools required: Gardening shovel, gardening gloves, flowers to plant, or container pots (if you’re not planting the blooms in the ground)


    5. Paint the front door

    Photo by Winsome Construction

    A wooden door is blah, but a bold yellow one makes a statement. Painting an exterior door is an excellent warm-weather project, as you’ll be rehabbing a spot that’s taken a hit during the colder months.

    Time for project: 3 to 5 hours

    Tools required: Hammer, nails, electric sander, sandpaper, two sawhorses, liquid deglosser, masking tape, 2-inch paintbrush, scraper, new exterior enamel paint color


    6. Plant a victory garden

    Photo by Paintbox Garden 

    If you’re not tending a sourdough starter at home during this pandemic, then you’re probably out in the yard pulling weeds and tending your own tomatoes. Yup, kitchen gardens are red-hot right now—and it’s not too late to start one.

    “You don’t need fancy tools to plant a garden, just a shovel. But if you want a raised bed, go for a simple version with two-by-fours on the ground,” says Sevick.

    Time for project: A couple of hours to install a small garden or herbs; up to a day for installing larger plots or raised beds

    Tools required: Work gloves, kneeling pad, garden shovel or trowel, garden fork, watering can or hose, rake, hand pruner, seeds or starter plants, and stakes or cages to support vegetables like tomatoes


    7. Place some boulders

    Photo by The Lazy Gardener 

    There are advanced hardscaping projects that experienced DIYers can tackle, and then there are those that anyone with a wheelbarrow can accomplish. Arranging boulders to create a rock garden or focal point is one such task. Grab some stones from a home and garden center or a stone quarry, and let your imagination run wild.

    Time for project: 1 to 2 hours, depending on the number of rocks

    Tools required: Large wheelbarrow or landscape hand truck, shovel or spading fork, and boulders

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