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7 Pretty Porch Lamps That’ll Brighten Up the Dark Days Ahead

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With the days getting shorter and colder you might think the time for decorating your outdoor space has passed—at least until spring. But not so fast!

Shouldn’t your porch get some love during the dark days of fall and winter, too? And sure, you can create charming vignettes of colorful gourds and dried floral arrangements. But nobody will be able to see all your hard work without one simple addition: a good porch lamp.

So if you want to make your outer entryway look as cozy and inviting as the inside of your home, check out these seven amazing light fixtures. Whether you’re hoping to take your home’s farmhouse charm to the next level or just glamorize the entryway, we’ve uncovered a little something for everyone.

1. Earthy ceramic sconce

porch lamp
Sun Dagger


Looking to bring some Southwest-inspired vibes to your outdoor decor? Then you’re going to like this earth child porch lamp (rightfully named Sun Dagger, $288).

“This ceramic lamp works well outside because of the reflective detail within the design,” says designer Kate Diaz, of Swanky Den. “Consider adding some mossy green plants around the base of the lamp to make for a more fall-festive forest look.”

2. Victorian LED

Porch lamp
Rosalia aluminum glass lantern


This might sound too good to be true, but in 2021 you can find a Victorian-style lamp that uses LED lights to keep electricity costs low—and it looks a little something like the Rosalia aluminum glass lantern ($47).

“This detailed porch lamp would work well as it’s made out of metal, making it more resistant to outdoor weather,” says Diaz “It would really enhance any outdoor front porch holiday decor.”

3. Warm copper wall light

Porch lamp
Hammerman high-rubbed copper wall light

Lamps Plus

Why do we love this gorgeous Hammerman high-rubbed copper wall light ($149) so? Not only will it illuminate your entryway with the perfect warm glow every evening, but it also looks incredible as an unlit stand-alone piece.

“The copper already mimics the fall season and its colors, which are typically warmer, deeper hues,” says designer Carmen Smith, of Living Letter Home. “This copper light will add even more warmth to your outdoor space in a simple, classy way.”

4. Farmhouse lanterns

Porch lamps
Glitzhome farmhouse lanterns


For all the would-be homesteaders out there, this set of Glitzhome farmhouse lanterns ($73) is for you.

“These cylindrical lamps offer a super unique look while also being functional enough to light up your entire porch,” says Diaz. “They’re also made of metal, making them more weather-resistant.”

5. Festive sphere

Porch lamp
Grapevine LED sphere


If your front porch is more modern than farmhouse, this ​​Grapevine LED sphere ($64) might be the perfect addition.

“These light spheres give off great lighting while still looking festive for the fall season,” says Diaz. “I’d recommend pairing different-size spheres to create a fun and unique look on your porch.”

6. Almost spooky porch sconce

Porch lamp
Caleb metal lantern sconce

Pottery Barn

We know Halloween is technically over, but if you’re one of those people who welcome the occult all year round, then you’ll love this almost spooky Caleb metal lantern sconce ($249).

“This is my favorite type of lantern,” says Smith. “I love that you can add a flickering bulb on the interior that makes it look like fire, and I love that you can choose them to be sconces or to hang like a pendant. This is the perfect look for fall, but it can also carry you through winter as well.”

7. String lights

Porch lamp
Hampton Bay outdoor string lights

Home Depot

Although not exactly a lamp, bulky string lights like these Hampton Bay outdoor string lights ($46) are a classic way to illuminate your porch in style.

“Who doesn’t love string lights?” asks Smith. “You can hang these on your back porch and cozy up with a warm mug of coffee or tea, or string them up in a backyard for a nice fall dinner with friends.”

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