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8 Games You Probably Don’t Want to Play Against Real Estate Agents

Game nights can be a great way to relax with friends and family, and have some fun and laughs. But they can also bring out the competitor in people. It’s all fun and games until someone is getting their butt whooped!

If you love playing games, but love winning even more, you might want to think twice about challenging a real estate agent when it comes to some games. They have skills they pick up in their career that’ll make it tough, if not impossible, to beat them.

Here are 8 games you might want to skip if you’re playing against a real estate agent:

1. Monopoly

You probably could’ve guessed this one would make the list! Of course agents are going to give you a run for your money in a game about real estate! They know all about location, location, location, and will buy up property strategically. And they’ll develop even the least expensive properties making them into profitable little investments.

2. Risk

Being a real estate agent is all about taking risks! There’s no guarantee when or if an agent will make money. But more specifically, agents have to be strategic and figure out how to take over a “farm area” from a rival agent with their marketing skills.

3. Chess

Chess is all about thinking a couple of moves ahead and anticipating what moves your opponent will make. Agents do this all the time when they’re negotiating for their clients and advising them on making the right decisions in the market.

4. Poker

Try prying information from an agent about their clients’ offer during a negotiation and you’ll see how much of a poker face they can put on!

5. Scrabble

Agents have to get pretty creative, always coming up with the perfect words to make a listing sound great in the description, using a limited amount of words.

6. Hide and Seek

Is there a place in a house an agent doesn’t know about? Good luck finding a spot an agent isn’t going to look! Plus they get extra practice when they’re searching for the elusive lockbox listing agents often hang in odd places.

7. Musical Chairs

Between needing to grab a seat the first chance they get in the day, or competing to be the first to respond to a lead, agents have reflexes you don’t want to compete with.

8. Pay Day

Agents are used to waiting for a pay day, and aren’t afraid to work hard, be patient, and deal with the ups and downs it takes until you get to one.

So, if you’ve got a real estate agent in the crowd on your next game night, you might want to skip these eight games if you want a shot at winning!

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