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8 Surprising Facts About Joe Mazza, HGTV Star of ‘Home Inspector Joe’

Photo courtesy of Justin Ott for HGTV

If you’re into tinkering at home and HGTV, you probably know about Joe Mazza and his hit show, “Home Inspector Joe.”

With decades of experience under his (tool) belt in the construction business, Mazza went from the fast-paced world of New York City’s high-rise buildings to an equally busy home inspection business in the leafy, upscale suburbs north of the Big Apple. In 2017, he started sharing tips for homebuyers and renters on Instagram, and over the next couple of years amassed a solid following on the social platform.

Mazza eventually caught the eye of a production company, and the idea for “Home Inspector Joe” was born. The HGTV show, which premiered in January, follows Mazza as he helps homebuyers tour properties and renovate the house of their dreams.

“I’ve always loved to help people, whether it was helping someone walk up the stairs, helping someone with construction, or making sure people are safe,” Mazza told HGTV.

Mazza also recently appeared on the show “Home Town Kickstart” with Alison Victoria (of “Windy City Rehab“) where the two worked on three different projects in La Grange, KY. With the goal of revitalizing the town, Mazza and Victoria helped create a mural, design a small-business hub, and renovate a family home.

With a full-time home inspection business and several star turns on HGTV, Mazza is booked and busy. But what’s he like behind the scenes? Here’s a little peek into Mazza’s world with eight facts you might not have known.

1. Joe Mazza once had a serious eye disease

For a profession that requires good vision, it must have been terrifying for Mazza to experience a loss of sight, even if it wasn’t permanent. This was the case when corneal eye disease blinded him for a time. Fortunately, he was the recipient of a double cornea transplant and his sight was restored.

2. His nickname is ‘Joey Bats’

Because Mazza’s sight was so poor for a time, his friends started calling him “Joey Bats.” (He was blind as a bat while he was dealing with his eye disease.) But Mazza has more in common with bats than you might realize. Like these winged nocturnal creatures, he developed a keen sense of smell. He even picked up a second moniker, the “Mad Sniffer,” thanks to a strong sense of smell that can detect mold and other home odors almost instantly.

3. He’s afraid of spiders

For a guy whose job is crawling in attics and under houses, you’d think Mazza would be cool with pests. But there’s one creepy-crawly that he can’t stand the sight of: spiders.

4. Mazza has a cavapoo

When Mazza isn’t checking home foundations for cracks or assessing drainage issues, he loves to spend time with his new cavapoo, a crossbreed between a cavalier King Charles spaniel and a poodle, named Rosie.

Mazza and his wife and daughter brought home this fluffy pup about a year ago, and he fully admits to riling her up, just to see her sharp little canines.

“I kiss her 1,000,000 times until she shows her teeth,” he says.

5. Home inspections can get physical

No homeowner wants to hear that their house has a bad roof or a pest infestation, but these are the kinds of reports Mazza has to sometimes deliver. Some folks take the news calmly, but some lose their cool.

On one particular job site, Mazza had to tell the homeowner she had termites—and she proceeded to slug him over it! When the homeowner seemed to have a change of heart and wanted him to look at one more thing, Mazza took the high road, called off the inspection, and headed out the door. Enough!

6. Mazza has a sense of humor

Mazza knows social feeds are full of his bald, bearded face, which is why he occasionally mixes up his appearance as he doles out important home safety advice. In this post he’s rocking a curly wig and sunglasses while dropping knowledge about winterizing a home. He urges homeowners to get their AC unit inspected, turn off their outdoor water sources before cold weather hits, and get their chimney checked before lighting that first cozy fire of the cold season.

7. He’s always watching the bottom line

Joe Mazza saved big bucks on this porch floor.


While safety is the first concern for Mazza when he does a home inspection, the second priority is figuring out how to shave some dollars and cents off a renovation job. In one episode, he and his go-to designer, Noel Gatts, decided to change out just a few rotted floorboards on a front porch, rather than replacing the whole thing, saving a bundle.

8. He never forgets Sept. 11

Mazza was near the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, and, like most Americans, was forever changed by the horrific events that occurred.

While it took him many hours to leave the city that awful day, he returned to the site a couple of days later to help clean up the rubble pile. He ended up staying on the job for 11 months.

Mazza has detailed his 9/11 story on social media and even made the date a permanent part of his body with a special tattoo on his arm.

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