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8 Surprising Facts About Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb From ‘Unsellable Houses’

Photo via Instagram by lambandcompany

HGTV stars Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb have made quite a name for themselves in the past couple of years, thanks to their hit show “Unsellable Houses.” Since 2019, we’ve watched these talented twin sisters help home sellers in the Pacific Northwest spruce up their properties in the hope of garnering multiple offers and a fast sale.

Davis is a real estate broker who knows her way around budgeting and negotiations, while Lamb, also a broker, brings her design chops and marketing background to the team.

After a successful turn on HGTV’s renovation competition “Rock the Block,” the twins are roaring ahead as the third season of “Unsellable Houses” is currently airing. Their knack for fixing up houses is apparent on the screen, but how well do you really know Davis and Lamb?

To satisfy everyone’s curiosity, here are some fun facts about the stars of “Unsellable Houses.”

1. They were discovered on YouTube

Those silly videos you keep posting might just make you famous one day! This was the case for Davis and Lamb, who were scouted by the production company High Noon Entertainment after seeing their YouTube channel where they posted videos singing and dancing with their clients. (Fun fact: High Noon also produced the original iteration of “Fixer Upper.”)

At first, the twins couldn’t believe the offer to create a show based on their real estate business. They thought it was a prank and hung up, and the production company had to call them back several times.

2. Their mom didn’t know she was having twins

Davis and Lamb’s mom knew she was pregnant, of course, but it wasn’t until she was actually delivering that she realized there were two babies on board. Lamb was born first—and then out popped Davis just a few minutes later, much to their mother’s shock.

3. They’re mirror twins

Twins for the win!

Lamb & Co.

When Lamb and Davis were young, many people had a very hard time figuring out who was who. In fact, the sisters are what’s known as mirror twins, which means they have some physical traits in common that are reflected on the opposite sides of their bodies. So when they are facing each other, it is as if they are looking in a mirror.

But today, telling them apart is much easier as Davis has pretty blond locks while Lamb rocks face-framing bangs.

4. Leslie Davis is an early riser

A self-described morning person, Davis says she is more likely to rise and shine before her sister. She wakes up around 6 a.m., does a Peloton workout, and then calls Lamb to go over their schedule for the day.

5. They’re both moms of boys—and have four sons between them

Davis and Lamb’s kids are a tight posse of four boys who love to hang out and ride dirt bikes together. Davis has three sons (Kyler, Cash, and Cole), and she can often be found supporting them at a lacrosse, football, or motocross event. Lamb has a son named Miles who’s pretty much a miniature version of her.

6. They are both dog lovers

Specifically, they’re terrier lovers! Davis owns Mookie, a Boston terrier, and Lamb has Remo, a rat terrier. Both pups seem to hang tight with their mom-owners as they often appear on their Instagram feeds.

7. They prefer to shop locally

First Street is a big shopping hub in the twin’s hometown of Snohomish, WA, and they take pride in supporting the small business on the block. They often sport totes and T-shirts from First Street boutiques, including Edit an Olive & Bloom Co., and Joyworks. First Street is also the location of their own 4,000-square-foot home goods shop, Lamb & Co.

8. They have a soft spot for vintage Volkswagen cars

Viewers of “Unsellable Houses” have seen Davis and Lamb rolling up to their clients’ houses in a cool, classic Volkswagen automobile. From buses to Beetles, they’ve owned several retro rides, and they love to give them quirky names like Ginger, Olive, and Penelope.

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