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    8 Thoughtful Last-Minute DIY Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

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    While April and May dragged on (is it just us, or did they each last 2,357 days?), somehow June has flown by—and Father’s Day is rapidly approaching. So you’d be forgiven if you’ve found yourself in panic mode, floundering to find something to show your dad some love.

    Never fear! We scouted far and wide for ridiculously easy DIY projects to give Dad a gift he won’t forget. Here are eight thoughtful ideas you can tackle before Sunday—just in time for Father’s Day.

    1. Custom grilling apron

    Father's Day DIY
    Custom grilling apron


    If your dad is known as the grill master in the family, then he’s going to love this custom grilling apron.

    “With summer barbecues around the corner, Dad doesn’t need his clothes—or skin—getting burned by grill grease,” says Rachel Ritlop, founder and CEO of The Confused Millennial. “There are so few apron prints out there for men, that this is a great gift to personalize.”

    Check out this simple barbecue apron tutorial from Momtastic to get started.

    2. One-of-a-kind baseball cap

    Father's Day DIY
    Custom patch for dad


    Dads always seem to have a collection of caps, but this one will be special—and customized just for him. Cool, right?

    “The sky’s the limit with customization,” says Vicki Liston of On the Fly DIY. “Hobbies, sports teams, multiple sports teams, a catchphrase, the family name, his favorite brand, a line from his favorite song.”

    Find a patch that your dad will love, then get to work with this tutorial.

    3. Reading glasses case

    Father's Day DIY
    DIY glasses case


    Is your dad more of a newspaper and armchair sort of guy? Then this homemade reading glasses case, made from old neckties, might be just the ticket.

    “I don’t know about your husband, but mine has a bag full of ties he just can’t part with, but never wears—and he’s always losing his glasses,” says Ritlop. “This DIY solves two problems in one and is fairly easy to do in a pinch.”

    Make Dad his very own glasses case with this DIY tutorial from Makezine.

    4. Bouquet (of beer)

    Father's Day DIY
    Beer bouquet


    “Is Dad a beer aficionado? If so, this is a must-DIY,” Liston says. “You can either create this with beer you know he loves, or order a variety of options from a microbrewery so he can try something new.”

    Add a few of his favorite snacks for palate cleansing between swigs, she suggests. Once you pick out Dad’s favorite bottles, follow this tutorial to make the beer bouquet.

    5. Leather business card holder

    Father's Day DIY
    Leather business card holder


    If your dad is all business, then he’ll appreciate this one.

    “Kids will love making this leather business card holder for Dad,” Liston says. “And Dad will have a proud story to tell onlookers every time he goes to pull out a business card.”

    Make him two—one for his business cards and one for the cards he receives so he can keep them separate. Use this template from sisterMAG, then follow their video for the full scoop.

    6. Handmade fishing lures

    Father's Day DIY
    Bottle-cap fishing lures


    “If Dad is an avid fisherman, he’ll love these,” Liston says. “Not only are they practical, but they can be used as decor in his man cave. Personalize them with caps from his favorite beer or soda.”

    Start saving up some bottle caps now, then check out this DIY guide to make him some unforgettable fishing gear.

    7. Wood coasters

    Father's Day DIY
    DIY wood coasters

    The Art of Manliness

    “Have an outdoorsy dad? He’ll love these rustic coasters,” Liston says. “Let them retain their natural wood shade by sealing with a clear coat, or experiment with one or multiple stains in a pattern for a unique finish.”

    You could also add small appliques over a portion of the surface. Old pictures of Dad, pictures of the family, or sports team logos are some fun ideas, Liston says.

    Follow this simple tutorial from The Art of Manliness to get started.

    8. Rustic picture frame

    Father's Day DIY
    Rock frame

    DIY Place

    Another great gift for the outdoorsy dad is this easy-to-make rustic picture frame.

    “There’s no better reminder of his role as ‘Dad’ than a picture frame of his adoring family,” Liston says. “You can use anything to make it—shells, golf tees, bottle caps, coins, little pebbles, buttons—anything. He’ll love the effort, but the picture inside will be what touches his heart every time he looks at it.”

    Follow this tutorial from DIY Place to design your very own picture frame for Dad.

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