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    8 Tips for a DIY Spa Day for Mom—Just in Time for Mother’s Day

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    With so much going on in the world, it’s no surprise that Mother’s Day is sneaking up on many of us. And with the coronavirus pandemic disrupting deliveries and delaying shipping left and right, any gifts or flowers you order now may not arrive in time. What to do?

    DIY to the rescue! Everyone’s crafting up a storm while stuck at home these days anyway, and let’s face it, a gift you made with your own hands and ingenuity will feel far more special than anything you dropped in your virtual shopping cart. This holds true not just for little kids who scribble Mother’s Day cards with crayons, but also for husbands/spouses, significant others, grown kids, close friends—in short, anyone who cares.

    And if the mom in your life digs a day at the spa (and what mom doesn’t?), one area ripe with possibilities is a DIY spa experience she can have in her own home. Spas, after all, make a killing hawking “natural” treatments like mud baths and snail facials—so creating your own version at home isn’t too hard. In fact, most of the items you need for a spa experience are lying around in your kitchen, garage, or backyard (actually, we’ll leave the snails out of this). So even if you wait until the last minute, you can still pull together most of these projects, no problem.

    Granted, quarantine may have done a number on the loo, so if you have access to her bathroom, you’ll want to clean it first (which she may appreciate even more than her spa day). Remove all the empty shampoo bottles and soap slivers to create a calm ambiance where these thoughtful DIY spa touches can take center stage.

    1. Bath tray

    What’s more relaxing than a long soak in the tub? And since it’s even better with a designated place to put that flute of Champagne and a good book, adding a bath tray is the perfect way to pamper Mom.

    Although bath trays can be purchased from a store, it’s also insanely easy to build your own. According to this video tutorial by DIY YouTuber Rachel Metz, all you need is a long piece of wood (the width of your tub), a few extra wood pieces to glue underneath to keep it from sliding around, and a wood stain to give it that luxe, dark teak look. Don’t forget to add candles, flowers, a strong cocktail, or anything else that would make her day.

    2. Bath bombs


    Bath bombs—which turn bath water into a fizzy, moisturizing extravagance—are simple to make with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. For this YouTube tutorial from the Untidy Artist, you’ll need baking soda, cornstarch, cream of tartar, coconut oil, rubbing alcohol, and fragrance oil of your choice. You’ll also need citric acid, which you can typically find at your local grocery store in the spice or baking aisle. Mix together and boom, bath bombs!

    3. Aromatherapy oils

    Have some olive, coconut, or baby oil lying around? Add fragrant flower petals or herbs from your garden and, voila, you’ve got aromatherapy oil! Plants like lavender, mint, rosemary, rose, and marigold work best; you’ll also need a glass jar with a lid. Since your oil needs to sit in a warm spot for a few days to really become fragrant, you’ll want to get a jump on watching this YouTube tutorial from DIYer Abby Courtenay so your gift is ready in time.

    4. Body scrub

    No visit to the spa is complete without body scrub, which exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. And it turns out, body scrubs can be made from abrasive household ingredients such as coffee grounds, sugar, or oats combined with honey, olive oil, coconut oil, and lemon juice. This YouTube tutorial from IAmVanessaE shows you how to make four different scrubs that take just a few minutes to assemble.

    5. Bubble bath

    Bubble bath is yet another indulgent item that no mom should have to buy, since it’s so easy to make at home. This video tutorial from Hello Glow, for instance, asks for liquid hand soap, honey, egg whites, almond oil, and vanilla extract. It smells heavenly, and will feel wonderful on her skin.

    6. Facial mask

    Fun fact: That turmeric in your spice cabinet isn’t just great for home-cooked curries. It contains curcumin, a bioactive component with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can reduce acne, tighten pores, and make Mom’s skin glow. In this DIY facial mask tutorial, you combine this spice with yogurt to create a cooling mask. Add some cucumber slices to Mom’s eyes to complete the spa experience.

    7. Foot soak

    It’s springtime, which means your mom will be wearing sandals again soon. Help her feet look and feel their best with this DIY foot soak from YouTuber Lauren Gamble that uses just a few ingredients: Epsom salt, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, and a few drops of her scent or essential oil of choice.

    When she’s ready for a foot bath, simply add hot water to this mixture and tell Mom to relax for 20 to 30 minutes. Follow this with an at-home pedicure.

    Spa gift certificate

    mother's day gift
    This homemade Mother’s Day spa gift certificate can be customized and either printed or emailed to dear old Mom.

    To top off the DIY spa experience, you can design a gift certificate to your “spa.” If you have kids, ask them to create one with their own art supplies, or for a more professional look, you can get this $7 editable voucher from or download free gift certificate templates off Canva.

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