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    9 Fun Feather Decor Ideas You’ll Fall For—Juju Hats and All

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    Does your home decor need a bit of a lift? Adding feathers may be just the ticket.

    Feathers offer fluidity and promote relaxation, explains Karen Gray-Plaisted of Design Solutions KGP. They’re commonly placed in a pewter vase or included on a tablescape, but other decor items with feather motifs can create a powerful statement.

    “It’s all part of the trend toward more organic objects in the home,” she says.

    So where should you add feathers in the home?

    “The bedroom and living room are your best bets,” notes Julie Coraccio, the organizing pro at Reawaken Your Brilliance and author of “Got Clutter? 365 Journal Prompts.” Match your picks with your room’s style. (Soft, feminine feathers might play well in a bedroom, for example.)

    Ones to shop for: ostrich, peacock, and pheasant tail feathers, or featherlike pampas grass. For some help with this refreshing look, here are nine feather-themed decor items for your home.

    1. Juju hats

    These feathery flowered hats were worn during tribal ceremonial dances.


    “Juju hats are themselves a hot trend to decorate with, and grouping a few together in different sizes can create a beautiful wall of art to display,” notes Gray-Plaisted.

    Add texture and exotic appeal to your rooms with this find ($150, Amazon).

    2. Feather light

    Handwoven raffia feathers make this light a stunner.


    Here’s a gorgeous example of plumes put to work. Gray-Plaisted votes for this pendant light, which could complement a feminine bedroom or hang over a side table in the living room ($384, Anthropologie).

    3. Bird wallpaper

    Watch these birds fly skyward on elegant gray and white wallpaper.

    Pier 1

    These flying feathers arrive courtesy of lead-free and VOC-free self-adhesive wallpaper ($130, Pier 1).

    “The pattern is simple here, but it could be a bold look in a bathroom or other small space,” says Gray-Plaisted.

    4. Shadow box

    Hang this flower in a box for an easy feather accessory.

    Pier 1

    A shadow box is a bit old-school, but when it’s filled with a fluffy feather-flower, the look is transformed and updated. Put this pick in a nursery or half-bath, or to jazz up a plain gallery wall ($130, Pier 1). Plus, if you pick real feathers, having them behind glass makes for easy cleaning.

    5. Bird ornaments

    These beautiful birds are something to crow about.


    Why save these for the Christmas tree? This adorable pair ($14 for 2, Crate&Barrel) might perch nicely on a mantel or side table.

    “This pick is an understated way to start on the feather trend,” says Coraccio.

    6. Graphic prints

    A feathered triptych adds quiet elegance.


    Have a meditation room or reading nook? It would be ideal with this three-piece set of feather prints on the wall ($69, Wayfair). These pictures could also live in a kid’s room, laundry area, or half-bath, especially against wallpaper in a vivid shade.

    7. Guest towels

    Silver and rose hand towels are a pretty addition to the loo.

    Pier 1

    This item allows you to try two creative looks, fringe and feathers, in one shot ($10, Pier 1). And guest towels are a low-key, affordable way to experiment with the trend.

    8. Shower curtain

    Impress your guests with this wild feather-print shower curtain.


    Don’t settle for a shower curtain with checks or stripes! Instead, try this vivid bouquet on a white backdrop in your bath ($40, Wayfair). Twelve hooks are included, and the sturdy fabric means there’s no need for a liner, according to the maker.

    9. Feather mirror

    Try this gorgeous—and unusual—feather form.


    A tween would gaze all day long in this mirror, which can also double as a window on the wall of a bedroom ($16, Amazon). This mirror adheres to any smooth surface, including wallpaper and tile.

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