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A $10K Bassinet, Plus 2 Other Over-the-Top Items in Kylie Jenner’s New Nursery

Photo via Instagram by kyliejenner / 1stDibs / Crate&Barrel

By now, millions of people have taken to YouTube to watch Kylie Jenner‘s sweet video tribute to her infant son, originally known as Wolf. The reality TV star and beauty mogul gave birth last month (on 2/2/22!), and to celebrate four weeks of motherhood, she decided to bless fans with intimate footage of her family and home life.

The video features heartfelt well wishes from her famous family members (some of them conveying how “special” it is to be born into the Kardashian-Jenner brood), as well as clips from inside Jenner’s Hidden Hills, CA, mansion where she lives with her daughter, Stormi.

As touching as the video is, we were most interested in the glimpses of the boy prince’s nursery—particularly one sculptural bassinet that’s unlike anything we’ve seen. The oval crib is adorned with wavy, cream-colored wood slats that match the rest of the neutral bedroom. The price tag? A cool $10,000.

It’s all relative, though. Jenner, whose net worth is somewhere in the nine-figure range, would own an over-the-top piece of baby furniture. We’re also not surprised to see a $16,000 Louis Vuitton teddy bear in the room (more on that later). But for every luxurious item in the nursery, there is also a practical piece that parents everywhere would consider.

Want to judge for yourself? Here’s the scoop on the most interesting items in Jenner’s new nursery.

Handmade bassinet

Kylie Jenner chose this sculptural bassinet in the color Moon White.

Kylie Jenner/YouTube

Like we said, this bassinet retails for $10,000 and is handcrafted from solid maple. Made in the USA by the company Nursery Works, the bassinet can be converted into a crib and comes in two colors: Moon White (Jenner’s shade of choice) and Natural Maple.

To own this item, you need deep pockets and a boatload of patience. The lead time for acquiring one is eight months!

Still, there are some upsides to this bassinet-as-art piece.

“Since it’s well-crafted, it could last for many years if it’s taken care of,” says Kate Diaz, co-owner of Swanky Den. We should hope so.

It’s both a work of art and a place for snoozing.

Nursery Works

Louis Vuitton teddy bear

This lovey needs an insurance policy.

Kylie Jenner/YouTube

In another frame of the video we see a stuffed velvet bear with leather trim that few could ever hope to drool on. This limited-edition stuffed animal is one of just 500 in existence from the French fashion house Louis Vuitton.

So how much does an LV bear retail for? As far as we could find, similar models are available for purchase only on secondhand websites. This one costs $16,000. It’s clearly not the type of toy you’d want to leave behind at a playdate.

This soft teddy is covered in the Louis Vuitton logo.


Fancy footwear

This baby has an enviable sneaker collection.

Kylie Jenner/YouTube

Not walking yet? No problem! This little guy’s footwear collection consists of mostly Nike kicks (Air Jordan 1, Air Force 1, Air Max 97), including a mini pair of Air Jordan 6 TD Cactus Jack sneakers designed by none other than Travis Scott, Jenner’s partner and the baby’s father.

We can’t say for sure how much these shoes cost, but one pair of miniature Air Jordans costs upward of $50.

Is it impractical to spend money on hype sneakers that a baby will inevitably grow out of? Yes. But do the Kardashian-Jenner members believe in restraint when it comes to fashion? No!

Giraffe basket and acrylic shelves

The acrylic wall shelves and giraffe basket in the nursery

Kylie Jenner/YouTube

Jenner’s nursery does include some practical decor items like a rattan basket in the shape of a giraffe ($99, Crate & Barrel) and acrylic wall shelves ($19.99-plus, CB2).

The giraffe basket is a stylish storage solution that can hold toys and blankets.

“It’s stunning and unlike any other toy basket on the market—so playful and boho in design,” says Elise Armitage, a designer and lifestyle blogger at What The Fab.

The see-through wall shelves are also a big hit since they come in multiple sizes, can easily be installed, and can hold many books.

Diaz digs the compact nature of the shelving and the fact that you can spy the titles from across the room, thanks to the acrylic material.

This long-necked basket is made from natural rattan.


Choose from three sizes of acrylic shelves for your bedroom or bathroom walls.


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