A Home Seller Success Story

    Recently, we helped Mike and Amy sell their wonderful condo in Breckenridge, CO. We asked them if we could share their story and show other homeowners what the home selling process is like. Here is a brief interview about their experience and what they learned about selling their condo in Summit County:

    Breckenridge CO Home Sellers

    Mike & Amy’s Success Story

    What motivated you to sell your condo?

    We decided to sell our house because we were looking for a lifestyle change. We had spent several winters and summers vacationing in Breckenridge, but ultimately, we were looking for a change in scenery. We were ready to purchase a beach property in Florida and wanted to use the earnings from our Breckenridge condo to help fund it. Also, we heard a lot of rumors that the real estate market was back on the climb and felt now was the right time to put our property on the market.

    Why did you choose the Smits Team to sell your condo?

    A couple of our friends recommended them to us. After we did some of our own research online and talked to them, we felt they could meet our goals. Our agent really listened to our story and outlined a plan to get our condo sold. What really sold us on their service was the information they provided. They gave us an easy-to-read breakdown of the market and showed us how our condo compared to the rest. But our agent went one step further and showed us how we could get one step ahead of them and attract the most buyer attention.

    Was selling your condo a chaotic time for you?

    Yes and no. At times we got a little swamped with stuff, but that was because we were handling a home purchase in Florida during the same time we were selling. On the flipside, our agent handled almost everything and kept the process running smoothly. If we ever had any questions, we could call him and he would be there for us. When there was a little backup of paperwork with the inspectors and appraisers, our agent let us know what was going on and pretty much took care of the situation. He freed our hands as much as possible, so we could buy our next property.

    Is there any advice you would give future home sellers in Breckenridge?

    Listen to the advice of your agent. For us, we thought we could sell our condo as is and be done with it, but our agent explained if we wanted to make a better profit from our condo we should try some easy things to get a buyer’s interest. He showed us how selling the Colorado lifestyle could really get someone’s attention and generate a bigger profit. As a result, we redecorated our condo a little bit and made some minor repairs. In addition, our agent suggested we get the condo inspected before we listed it for sale. That way, we knew there weren’t any flaws that could break the deal in the end. The other major plus to listening to your agent is that he knows how to price your condo. With the right touches and price, we got a lot of attention in the first few weeks, and subsequently got a great offer.

    For More Information about Selling Your House

    If you’d like to see how else we helped Mike and Amy sell their condo in Breckenridge, you can download our Listing Presentation Preview, which explains all the services we provide. If you’d to get in touch with us, you can contact us here and let us know your situation.

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