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    A Peek Inside Tommy Hilfiger’s Home—and How to Own a Piece of It Right Now

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    Tommy Hilfiger is having a sale, but not on sweaters. It’s much better than sweaters!

    The fashion designer and his wife, Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger, are downsizing by selling some of their incredible furniture and decor at Sotheby’s Home.

    It’s like any other garage sale, except that it’s uber-fancy.

    So if you need something extra special for your own home (or someone on your Christmas list), check out some of his favorite things below, and how much they will set you back to make it your own.

    Eagle weathervane sculpture

    Tommy Hilfiger loves Americana, including this eagle weathervane sculpture.


    In an interview for Sotheby’s Home, Hilfiger was asked which items for sale were his favorites. Not surprisingly, he has a very specific style.

    “I love all the authentic, framed nautical flags,” he says, as well as “the eagle sculptures, because I’m obsessed with Americana.”

    So, if you’re looking to take home what this designer loves most, you might consider this eagle sculpture ($700). It’s not cheap, but imagine having that impressive bird in your home!


    This drum could be perfect for the kids room.


    Another good buy if you’re going for that Americana feel is this late 20th-century drum ($250).

    Hilfiger used it in his son’s room, so you know it would be the perfect decor for a child in your life. This piece is fun but also classic, so a kid probably won’t grow out of it right away.

    Equestrian boot table lamps

    boot lamp
    These boot lamps really “stand out” in Hilfiger’s collection.


    Want something a bit more off the beaten (horse) path? Try these equestrian boot table lamps ($475). Yes, they’re odd, but just imagine the conversations they’ll inspire!

    Etched hurricane lamps

    Could these have belonged to King Edward the VIII?


    Hilfiger claims that he owns some items that once belonged to royalty.

    “I bought items from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor auction at Sotheby’s years back,” he explains. “I loved the imagery and chic lifestyle they lived.”

    Could some of these items be in his collection? Perhaps.

    Since he doesn’t point to any items in particular, it’s up to us to guess. One possibility is this set of Rita Jordens etched hurricane lamps ($800). They’re labeled as coming from France, where the duke and duchess lived after King Edward VIII’s abdication.

    Captain’s office chair

    This Victorian chair will look great with an antique desk.


    This captain’s office chair ($500) is so luxurious and glamorous, it’s no wonder Hilfiger had it in his home. Dating to 1880, this piece has a lot of history. Made of English oak and leather, it’s a perfect addition to any study.

    Tartan throw pillows

    These throw pillows will look great on a couch or bed.


    Hilfiger says he and his wife are all about details when it comes to their decor.

    “When we work with designers, we give overall direction, then pick and choose every detail,” he says, “so I guess you could call it a collaboration of sorts.”

    So it’s not surprising to find some of this couple’s best stuff is totally bespoke. Take, for example, these custom tartan pillows ($200). These gorgeous blue and orange objects have a classic design while still bringing a burst of color to a room. As one of the less expensive items for sale, they’re sure to go quick.

    Timothy Oulton bookcases

    These drum bookcases may be pricey, but they’re worth it.


    While some items may be a cheaper buy, these bookcases are more of an investment. Don’t let the $4,660 price tag scare you—it’s actually a steal considering the estimated retail price is listed as $6,600.

    These bookcases (sold as a set of two) are made of vellum, hand-painted wood, and leather. They’re made to look like an 18th-century drum—clearly Hilfiger had a thing for this instrument.

    Moravian star pendant light

    This could certainly light up a room.


    Hilfiger’s collection is perfect when shopping for classic furnishings and understated decor. But sometimes you’ve got to go for a showstopper.

    This transitional-style pendant light ($50) is perfect for your grand entryway or dining room. It could even make a sassy addition to your eclectic bedroom. Wherever it hangs, it’s a shining stunner.

    Painted commode chair

    A chair or a commode—your choice!


    Shopping for that relative who has everything? Why not wrap up this Georgian commode chair ($1,775)? It features painted equestrian scenes on wood and leather and dates to the late 18th century. The lid opens from the front, so, in theory, it’s still functional, but we’re not sure you’d want to use it for anything other than a decoration and conversation piece.

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