Agent Tips to Staging a Successful Open House

    As agencies around the country prepare for NAR’s National Open House Weekend, Kevin Smits of the The Smits Team provides a list of tips and tricks to make sure you hold the most successful open house possible:

    1. One of the biggest things that consumers need to keep in mind is that the person holding the home open works for the seller. You aren’t going to get a better deal if you work directly with the listing agent. If you are working with a Realtor, they should have handed you a dozen or more of their business cards to hand to the people holding homes open.
    2. Potential buyers also need to actually look at the property. Many times you will find people touring homes get sucked into the staging, commenting on how nice it looks based on the furniture.
    3. By and large, consumers will overlook structural issues, location and room size because the stager has created a “cute” space.
    4. Walk around the outside of the home. Look for settling issues. Look for puddles. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Does it feel squishy? What time of the year is it? Should it be soft?
    5. Look inside the home. Look under the sinks, look at the doorways and corners. Under the sinks, are there water stains? Doorways and corners, are their cracks? How about nail pops in the drywall? Do the doors close and latch?
    Bottom line… keep your eyes open. Sellers can be sneaky people. They know the faults of their home and can/will disguise them.
    For more information on successful home staging  tips from other real estate experts from around the country, take a look at Home’s blog.

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