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All the Fall Feels: 5 Inexpensive Ways To Redecorate Your Dining Room This Autumn

Photos courtesy of @our_kentish_barn / @my.millenium.mansion / @1930s_doer_upper via Instagram

Summer is nearly gone, and we’re more than ready to pile up with blankets, drink something warm and spiced, and don our favorite sweaters. In other words, fall can’t come soon enough.

If the changing of the seasons has you feeling ready for a healthy dose of coziness in your home, you’ve come to the right place. This week in Instagram decor is all about bringing the fall feels into your dining room (without breaking your pumpkin spice coffee budget).

Below are some of our current favorite autumn-inspired looks, plus some affordable product suggestions so you can revamp your dining room in a similar fashion.

1. Sage-green dining chairs

You don’t have to lean into orange decor to up the fall coziness in your dining room. In fact, the sage-green color of these dining chairs makes this space from @1930s_doer_upper look appropriately seasonal.

“Sage green happens to be one of those colors that works with any and all of the four seasons,” says Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design. “It is, however, most glorious during autumn, especially when applied to textured fabrics such as velvet and satin. This natural shade of green is excellent for dining rooms and instantly welcomes guests into the room for the holiday season.”

Get the look: Bring in some seasonal warmth with a set of these green upholstered dining chairs.

2. Farmhouse tablescape

Looking for a more subtle way to ease your dining room into the fall season? Then you’ll probably like this farmhouse tablescape from @koeklilian.

Let a natural wood table be your blank canvas to display rustic accessories like brass candlesticks, a ceramic bowl with seasonal fruit, a teapot, and a vase with some fall foliage.

“A farmhouse tablescape is an opportunity for homeowners to showcase their ability to pull together new and found pieces in an appealing and inviting way,” says designer Courtney Wollersheim, of FLOOR360. “Someone who’s more creative can even use the opportunity to tell a story about their family history.”

Get the look: Shop your local vintage stores (or this collection on Etsy) to piece together your very own farmhouse tablescape.

3. Chandelier bouquet

We love a good flower arrangement especially when it lives in an unexpected place like atop a chandelier. And there’s something particularly autumnal about this chandelier bouquet from @welcome_to_no.1.

“A chandelier bouquet is for people who want to express their appreciation for fall and naturalism,” says Wollersheim.

“The rich browns, rustic greens, deep reds, and burnt orange colors of the bouquet make it an ideal option for cottage or farmhouse-style settings,” adds Wollersheim, who notes that this unique piece can liven up your decor from late summer through Thanksgiving.

Get the look: Follow this DIY guide to make your very own chandelier bouquet with artificial or dried flowers.

4. DIY sideboard

More tabletop space is always useful in a dining room, and this simple yet elegant sideboard from @our_kentish_barn combines easy fall style with a whole lot of function.

“With a garage sale sideboard find, a quart of paint, paintbrushes, and some basic tools, it’ll take just a few hours to create a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture for very little money,” says Shaffer.

Get the look: Remake an antique sideboard following this DIY guide, or snag this rustic sideboard.

5. Linen table runner

Sometimes it’s the small things that pull a whole look together. That’s definitely the case with this linen table runner from

“Linen is a fabulous material for autumn decor vignettes because of its textured weave and dimension,” says Shaffer. “The natural fibers of a linen table runner aid in bringing the outdoors in and highlight other interior elements such as dark wood tones, matted metallics, glassware, and greenery.”

Get the look: Shop this collection from Crate & Barrel to find the perfect linen table runner for your space.

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