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    Bali by the Bayou: Indonesian-Inspired Opulence in Louisiana?

    When you think of Louisiana, the usual suspects come to mind: New Orleans. Gumbo. Beignets. Mardi Gras.

    But we’d forgive you if you somehow overlooked Indonesian opulence, which is what makes this Youngsville, LA, residence on the market for $1.65 million stand out like no other. A half-hour south of Lafayette, Youngsville was named the best city in the state to raise a family.

    Lina Kelly, the homeowner of 100 Veranda Place, sought to capitalize on the appeal of small-town living by building a custom home designed to accommodate her handcrafted, Indonesian-inspired furniture.

    “It’s true,” says listing agent Lesley Beyt. “The furniture is so huge and so custom that the home had to be built to certain specifications to fit everything.”

    The exterior of the home, however, is fairly standard for the neighborhood.

    “The home fits right in with the neighborhood,” Beyt says, “which is only three houses right now.”

    For the interior, Kelly, who is from Indonesia, wanted to be surrounded by her culture.



    Dining room

    Bar area

    Living space

    “I want to remember where I come from, remember my roots,” says Kelly. “And I didn’t want to have any furniture in my house that’s the same as everyone else’s.”

    Mission accomplished.

    From the front door to the kitchen cabinets with gold filigree to the massive master bedroom set, every detail was handcrafted by artisans in Indonesia.

    “Only two or three people worked on everything,” adds Kelly. “That way all of the pieces match perfectly.”

    That includes the three chandeliers. At one point, Kelly and her husband thought they needed to bring in an electrician from Indonesia to install the massive lighting fixtures, but they were able to find one locally.

    All in all, Kelly says she spent about $126,000 on the custom cabinets, furniture, and details. Shipping it all “cost an extra $25,000, to get everything from Indonesia to here,” she says. And the process took years to complete.

    Master bath

    Walk-in closet

    “It took seven years to build everything,” Kelly explains. “Everything was stored in Indonesia for a while, and then they started shipping the pieces over three years.”

    So why leave such a custom, beautiful home full of unique, handcrafted pieces and rich in culture?

    “The house is just too big for us now. My daughter is going to college soon. Plus, it takes me three days to clean it between work and life. My back is killing me,” Kelly says with a laugh.

    For someone interested in this one-of-a-kind decor, the owner is willing to part with much of it.

    “If someone wants, I will sell the bedroom set and dining room furniture,” she says. For a buyer with dreams of Bali by the Bayou, this one-of-a-kind home is ideal.

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