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Before and After: This Renovated Home in Bentonville, AR, Boasts HGTV-Worthy Interiors

Most of us recognize Bentonville, AR, as the birthplace of Walmart, but today’s HGTV aficionados associate the midwestern city with home renovation duo Jenny and Dave Marrs of “Fixer to Fabulous.”

For three seasons we’ve watched the Marrses restore properties around their hometown of Bentonville, adding their signature rustic-modern design touch. When we spotted the renovation photos of this farmhouse-chic home just north of the city center, we thought there might be a chance the couple had a hand in the makeover.

Further investigation revealed that the previous homeowners were merely inspired by the homes on “Fixer to Fabulous”, but their design choices were nonetheless impressive. In fact, these tasteful HGTV-worthy upgrades likely helped to sell this cozy country house set on nearly 1.5 acres of land.

The previous owners had purchased the property for just $365,000 in 2020. After updating the home’s interior and exterior, they sold it for an impressive $751,000 in June 2022. That’s $26,000 over their asking price and $400,000 more than what they paid.

Let’s take a closer look at the changes that made the house shine and hooked buyers right from the curb.


“The quaint and charming exterior of this home is no doubt what brought in the buyers,” says Stephanie Summers-Mayer, a home improvement expert and brand host at HSN based in St. Louis.

The exterior update may look dramatic, but the changes likely required a minimal investment of time and money.

“The sellers added curb appeal by painting the brick white, which caters to the modern farmhouse trend. Removing the shutters is a modern touch, while the new natural wood columns warm up the exterior while providing another nod to the farmhouse aesthetic,” says Kati Baker, partner and luxury home staging specialist at Chicago-based Downtown Realty Co. and Downtown Apartment Co.


The “Fixer to Fabulous” influence is alive and well in this foyer! The entryway is a bright, inviting space that continues the fresh, clean palette of the exterior.

Perhaps the most effective upgrade in this space is the new hardwood flooring, which is carried throughout the house.

Dining room

The dining room is another example of how simple changes can make a big impact.

Baker points out that a lighter paint color makes the room look cleaner and bigger. Upgraded flooring also ties into the home’s overall modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Staging is another crucial part of boosting the room’s appeal.

“It’s important to note that while the scale of the furniture in the room looks grand and luxurious, it’s not overly heavy or overwhelming the space,” Baker adds.

Summers-Mayer notes the side-by-side, kitchen-into-dining space is an appealing configuration.

“Open concepts have kind of fizzled out over the last few years, so this kitchen and dining combo here still allows the homeowner to entertain with a seating area in the kitchen but also have some separation from guests,” she explains.


The previous owners took the kitchen from outdated to outstanding by embracing quintessential farmhouse kitchen touches like open shelving, a natural stone countertop, and brass hardware.

Baker points out that the darker counters and dark wood shelves add contrast to the space and help to make the crisp white cabinets pop.

Premium additions like a new range hood and hardware add to the custom feel of the kitchen, says Baker.

“The hardware and the new light fixtures are the ‘jewelry’ of the room and should never be overlooked,” she says.


The previous owners didn’t touch the wall of built-in shelving in this office space. Instead, they used clever staging and light decor upgrades to improve the look and flow of the room.

“The larger rug makes the space feel bigger, and the updated light fixture and sconces add to the appeal. The additional furniture fills out the space and allows the buyer to see the room’s full potential,” says Baker.

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