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Blank Walls? Here Are 7 Ways To Score Cheap Wall Decor You’d Swear Cost Big Bucks

Photos courtesy of ArchitectureWorks / Aleck Wilson Architects / Norcross and Scott via Houzz

No matter who you are and what kind of decor you like, there comes a time in your life when you realize you have an empty wall (or two) staring you down.

Maybe you just moved into your first home, recently purged your tired artwork, or are finally decorating a neglected guest room.

Whatever the situation, if you need a cheap yet chic solution to wall decor, you’ve come to the right place. As someone who went from living in a tiny house on wheels to a two-bedroom home, I found myself with lots of wall space—and nothing to hang.

So here’s what I learned about scoring fabulous wall decor on the cheap (and how you can do it, too).

1. Print historic maps

Depending on your style and how much wall space you’d like to fill, printing historical maps and photos from the Library of Congress can be a great way to go.

The best part? You can access the library’s digital content of over 20 million items for free. Then send whatever file that strikes your fancy to a local print shop, and bam—instant visual interest for your blank walls. (I printed a historical map of my town for $11.)

“Old maps are gorgeous in and of themselves, and they add old-world character and instant charm to a home,” says designer and DIY blogger Amanda Brown, from Tantrums And Tools. “These images work well in traditional, Victorian, or even modern farmhouse-style homes.”

Cost: $10 to $20

2. Reuse old calendars and books

Here’s another great idea for finding unique imagery to adorn your walls: Reuse your favorite prints from calendars or pages from a coffee table book. I recently put up pictures from last year’s calendar by one of my favorite local artists. My calendar was printed on high-quality paper, and each print fit in an 11-by-14-inch frame.

The result: a three-piece set of original artwork.

“I like to use images from thrifted coffee table books,” says designer Rebecca Rowland. “It’s a great way to create a themed gallery wall filled with beautiful images. In one instance, I used a book filled with bird paintings. In another, I used a fine art photography book.”

Cost: $0 to $10

3. Borrow from nature

Why not borrow a bit of nature’s beauty if you live near a beach, park, or national forest?

I love collecting pine cones, antlers, and juniper boughs to make wreaths. My favorite part about this approach is that it’s zero-waste decor. When you’re done with all of these natural beauties, you can simply return them to the outdoors.

“Reclaimed wood is a great decor option for homeowners going for a farm or beach house style,” says Justin Soleimani, co-founder of the affordable homeware company Tumble. “You can opt for a natural shape or a more streamlined geometric pattern.”

Cost: $0

4. Go antiquing

Looking to get more three-dimensional with your wall decor but not so into the natural elements? Then you might want to try browsing at an old bookstore, antiques shop, or estate sale to snag some deals on vintage wall decor. Old hats, costumes, postcards, and memorabilia can add visual interest to your space and usually cost next to nothing.

“Hanging documents like letters and postcards provides a classic, nostalgic aura,” says Soleimani.

Cost: $0 to $20

5. Hire your kids

If you have artistically inclined children, encourage them to create artwork for the walls of your home. (As for me, it turns out, my dogs don’t paint very well.)

“My kids create so many cool pieces at school,” says Rowland. “Once they made papier-mâché animal heads, and we hung them in the entryway. I also love to give kids a blank canvas and then let them go to town to create a kiddo abstract masterpiece.”

Cost: $0

6. Support local artists

Looking to support some older artists (who don’t live with you and eat dino nuggets)? Now’s a great time to head to your local farmers markets or poke around online (Facebook Marketplace and Instagram are great for this) to find new artists in your area.

Buying original art is likely the most expensive option on this list. But if you’re going to spend money on wall decor, it might as well go straight into the pockets of whoever made it.

“Etsy is also a great website to shop for affordable wall decor,” says Brown. “You can find watercolors, canvas prints, wooden or metal wall art, and beyond.”

Cost: $10 to $50

7. Frame it

There’s something about framing a picture or object that makes your wall decor seem much more put-together.

The frame itself can also be a tool for furthering the style of your space since you can choose a minimalistic wood or metal option or something more ornate.

My favorite place to buy frames? FramesUSA. By shopping its closeout deals, I recently snagged seven frames for under $50.

Don’t feel like shopping online? Then head to your local Michaels, Target, or Ikea to find in-store bargains on frames.

Cost: $0 to $50

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