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Breezy Summer Kitchens Have a Whole New Look: Check Out the 5 Sunniest Trends, 2022

Photo by @kcdiscountrealtor via Instagram

Is it just us, or does everything feel sunnier in the summer? And those happy vibes even seem to show up at mealtimes. (Hello, alfresco dining, fresh fruits, and farmers markets!)

As a result, it’s understandable that folks want to capture the joys of summer anywhere they can—especially in the kitchen.

“The kitchen is a central gathering place, so it makes design sense to want that area to feel as inviting as possible,” says interior designer Charlotte Reeves, founder of CR2 + Design in Charleston, SC. “Since summer is associated with warmth, incorporating bright accents while feasting on the season’s delights is one way to bring even more pleasure to one of the busiest areas in most homes.”

With that in mind, here are some of the most delightful summery kitchen trends currently garnering likes on Instagram. Because in case you didn’t know, #summerkitchen is totally a thing.

1. Take a vacation to the south of France—in your kitchen


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A post shared by OLIVE (@olivehomeinteriors)

If your social media feeds are anything like ours right now, it seems like everyone (and we mean everyone) is in France this summer. If you’re not there with them on vacation, then at least you can bring that je ne sais quoi that makes a French country kitchen so alluring into your own home (as captured in these posts by @ourfrenchoasis and @olivehomeinteriors).

If you can add a farmhouse sink, Reeves says it will make a significant impact when going for a French kitchen aesthetic.

Hanging copper pots and woven baskets are also solid “I should be cooking in France” decor additions.

“Another way to have the French farmhouse feel is [to] group different sizes and shapes of large cutting boards, linen towels, and oversized glass containers,” says Reeves. “A pop of black-and-white contrast accessories or backsplash tile is another great way to make your space feel French farmhouse.”

Get the look: Buy a plane ticket to France stat and shop there—or check out this vintage French country kitchen accessory collection by Chairish.

2. Add a counter window


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A post shared by Carrie Donigan (@kcdiscountrealtor)

“Could you pass the salad through the window, please?”

There’s nothing like an unexpected window counter to make your indoor-outdoor dining dreams come true. And the ones featured on this post by scream summer with an alfresco twist.

“I love bringing the outside in with a counter window,” says Reeves. “These windows allow for more light and spark great conversations. Plus, having a meal or a cocktail at your own outdoor counter is fun. The pass-through windows allow for easy entertaining.”

Get the look: There’s no need to hire a contractor when you can add your own counter window with a bit of DIY help from YouTube.

3. Paint your kitchen yellow…


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A post shared by Reclaimed (@reclaimedstgeorge)

If you want to bring the sunshine in, consider painting your kitchen yellow! It’s a little dose of happiness year-round and works with modern and historic properties like this one featured by @reclaimedstgeorge.

“A yellow kitchen just brings joy,” says Reeves. “If committing to painting all of your cabinets is too much, simply paint an accent cabinet yellow. The unexpected pop of color is sure to make you smile.”

Get the look: Try this paint from Benjamin Moore that is literally named Sunshine 2021-30!

4. … or go for the gold—accessories, that is


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A post shared by Jemma Bates (@at_homewithjem)

If an entire room of yellow feels like too much sunshine for you, then go for a golden pop of color with an unexpected accessory in the brightest shade. These posts by @campbellpowersinteriors (yes, whimsical yellow stools) and @at_homewithjem (sunny flowers offsetting a yellow spoon rest and kitchen towel) get the balance of vibrant and subtle just right.

“Bright, cheerful yellow accessories are a simple way to bring some sunshine into an ordinary kitchen,” says Reeves. “Small items like bright yellow dish towels, mixing bowls, or even a large bowl of lemons will give your space a pop without breaking the bank.”

Get the look: From bees to sunflowers to lemons, a quick search for “yellow kitchen accessories” on Amazon will keep you busy for hours.

5. Turn your barbecue into a breakfast bar


It wouldn’t be summer without a good old-fashioned barbecue. But why limit your grill time to “those summer nights”? With a setup like this one from @our.coastal.hinterland.home, it might be time to “wake up and smell the charcoal.”

“With the right grilling accessories, breakfast is quick and easy on your grill,” says Reeves. “Upfit your grill or side burner with a griddle. A rewarding breakfast of French toast, eggs sunny-side up, bacon, and hash browns can all be cooked outside. The best part is easy cleanup!”

Get the look: Shop a range of side burners from BBQ Guys to get breakfast barbie ideas!

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