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Bring On Spring: 5 Dazzling Decor Trends From Instagram To Brighten Up Your Dining Room

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Pull open your home’s curtains and shake off the dust, because the first bright rays of the coming spring are showing up in a big way this week. And the advent of warmer weather and longer days might just be the inspiration you need to revamp your interior decor.

As we transition from winter’s comfort food to spring’s zingy produce, it’s an ideal time to focus on the dining room. Yep, we’re talking about changing out those cozy cold-weather vibes for colorful and pattern-rich designs.

This week, we’re taking inspiration from these five fresh decor trends on Instagram. Not ready to swap out your dining room table or wallpaper? No problem. These trends are all about small, vibrant changes that pack a wallop. So here are five looks to consider for your post-spring-cleaning decor zhuzh this season.

1. Palm tree chandelier


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A post shared by Flower Magazine (@flowermagazine)

Bold and beautiful botanicals are a trend we can’t get enough of this season—and this palm tree chandelier featured by @flowermagazine is no exception.

“What’s the point in getting to make your own interior design decisions if not to have fun?” asks designer Jaime Huffman, of Charleston Blonde. “The use of botanicals in a space doesn’t have to be restricted to simply wallpaper or a potted plant. And I love the glam look of this chandelier with crystal accents. Even if you don’t want to go all out on the tropical theme, this fronded fixture will add a touch of beachy glam to your space.”

Get the look: Add some exotic fun to your space with this 3-light statement  handelier.

2. Checkered area rug


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A post shared by Lebanese In DC (@lebaneseindc)

There’s something so “Alice in Wonderland” about this checkered area rug from @lebaneseindc that makes the entire room feel doused with whimsy.

“Adding a bold patterned rug like this to a space is a creative way to bring color to an otherwise fairly neutral room,” says Huffman. “And it’s a bit of a different twist from the standard recommendations of colorful throw pillows or wall art. With the right combination of furniture and decor throughout your space, a rug like this can even ground the design, pulling in all the little touches you have throughout the room.”

Get the look: Bring bold color into your dining room with this Moroccan diamond shag area rug.

​​3. Bahama-green sideboard

If you can’t go to the Bahamas this season, then at least enjoy some verdant bliss with a hand-painted sideboard like this one from @carasavenwalldesign.

“This Bahama-green sideboard is popular because it is a beautiful color that can add life to any room,” says designer Kate Diaz, of Swanky Den. “It has a natural wood look that helps to bring out the beauty of any room. It also has a lot of storage space, which can help store all of your extra dining room wares.”

Get the look: Add fresh greenery to your space this spring with one of these green buffet tables from Etsy.

4. Block-print chairs


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A post shared by Edloe Finch (@edloefinch)

For happy, splashy hues that just won’t quit, you’re going to want to snag a few of these block-print chairs featured by @edloefinch.

“Block-print chairs like these add that perfect pop of color and pattern to any room,” says Diaz. “Comfortable and versatile, they can be paired with many different types of decor. These are a great option for those who want a stylish and unique chair without having to worry about clashing.”

Get the look: Rethink your dining room seating with a few of these Kachel Daphne-printed chairs.

5. Paneled paintings


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A post shared by Sara Raak (@sararaak)

Want to change up the colors on your walls without actually messing with wallpaper? Then you might just want to add a few of these paneled paintings from @sararaak.

“I love adding large-scale artwork to a dining room,” says Huffman. “And these paneled paintings are the perfect way to incorporate art naturally in a way that gives the room more texture and character. Instead of a singular large canvas that might draw all of the attention, these panels are seamlessly integrated with the rest of the room. While bold and colorful, the pattern blends nicely with the wall color, especially with the doors and trim painted the same color.”

Get the look: Think outside the frame with this set of eclectic prints from the color master himself: Matisse.

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