Can J. Lo’s ‘Fixer-Upper’ Be Saved by Chip and Joanna Gaines?

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    You know what they say: When one distressed barn door closes, another one opens. At least, that’s what fans of the now defunct hit series “Fixer Upper” are hoping now that rumors are swirling that Chip and Joanna Gaines have been hired to renovate the recently purchased Malibu home of Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.

    That’s because Joanna herself was seen touring the home this past Sunday. Naturally, this got people conjecturing whether Joanna might work on J. Lo’s home. Because the place could use a bit of the ol’ Magnolia magic!

    J. Lo herself broke the news of her beachfront digs during a recent interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The three-story, $6.6 million home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a wraparound deck, and dreamy beachfront. But according to J. Lo—tony ZIP code notwithstanding—the house needs help. Enter Chip and Joanna.

    J. Lo, a self-described “Fixer Upper” superfan, apparently loves this designing duo so much that her anniversary gift from A-Rod was a FaceTime call with Joanna. So, now faced with her own fixer-upper, it would make total sense for J. Lo to get back in touch to see if Joanna’s up for the job.

    “We got a little fixer-upper next to the water, and we were, like, ‘Oh, we gotta fix this up. It’s really a house that needs work,’” Lopez told DeGeneres. “I was, like, wouldn’t it be amazing to have [Joanna Gaines] do it for us? But she doesn’t do anything outside of Waco—like nothing.”

    J. Lo hires the Gaineses.
    J. Lo and A-Rod’s new Malibu beach house is a fixer-upper.

    Maybe that’s all about to change. Cameras have been spotted filming J. Lo and Joanna just outside of this Malibu mansion—plus, the Gaineses are set to launch their own network with Discovery. Is this star-studded remodeling job going to be turned into yet another megahit series on reality TV?

    Since so many signs seem to be pointing to yes, we got to wondering exactly how Chip and Joanna might infuse their signature style on J. Lo and A-Rod’s new house. At first glance, mixing farmhouse and beach house styles seems like a stretch, but designers point out that the Gaineses may be ready to leave that full-on farmhouse look behind.

    “Joanna’s aesthetic has grown from rural farmhouse to a more sophisticated, bohemian look,” says Linda Kitson of MarketPlace Designs, in Summit, NJ. If they take on the superstar couple’s reno job, “Joanna and Chip will likely plan for a family-focused, breezy beach casita, suitable for teens and friends. The end result will be an approachable, real-life home for a celebrity family.”

    To get more specifics on how that’ll happen, here are some listing photos inside J. Lo and A-Rod’s Malibu mansion—and what designers anticipate the Gaineses will do to these spaces if they do decide to work their magic here.

    The kitchen

    Gaines redo J. Lo Malibu house
    Will there soon be word signage hanging here?

    “My opinion of what Joanna would do in the existing kitchen is to remove the peninsula and add an island with seating,” says Ria Gulian of Interior Designs by Ria, in Oceanside, NJ. Gulian, a member of the American Society of Interior Designers, further predicts that the Gaineses will change the cabinets to Shaker style with a fun glass backsplash tile and lighten the floors.

    As for the countertop? “It could be quartz, in sand color and texture,” says Gulian. For a final touch, the Gaineses might change the lighting to pendants over the island.

    The living room

    J. Lo hires Gaines to redo Malibu home.
    This will be the perfect place for J. Lo and Joanna Gaines to kick back.

    “The appeal of the Gaineses and their modern farmhouse look they have perfected is creating a down-home welcome in the most American way,” says Miriam Silver Verga, a designer at Mimi & Hill, in Westfield, NJ. “Their sensibility sends a clear message of ‘come gather here, you are most welcome.'”

    While J. Lo and A-Rod don’t seem like the type to embrace modern farmhouse, especially in a beach house, there are other ways to add the vibe. Verga expects to see “warm materials such as light drifted oak and, yes, even some white shiplap! Natural touches will be the overall feel while keeping the ocean at the forefront of their design.”

    Master bedroom

    J. Lo hires Gaineses.
    Pacific Ocean views for miles

    The master bedroom already sports a Joanna go-to: white-on-white accents. But it’s missing her signature wood and upcycled antiques. To further personalize the space for these megastars, “there may be touches of gold to speak to J. Lo’s glamorous sensuality,” predicts Verga. “And steel, such as steel doors, that speaks to A-Rod’s strength and masculinity.”

    Lower floor

    J. Lo hires Gaineses.
    Where the home meets the sand

    The Gaineses’ children are the center of their lives, so designers predict that they will go to great lengths to please J. Lo and A-Rod’s blended family of four kids.

    “Expect to see the children’s likes well-represented in the lower area,” says Verga. “There will be a playfulness mixed into the sophisticated design.”

    Joanna’s signature move when it comes to kid-friendly spaces is to start with a neutral palette and let the children themselves add personal touches.

    Outside area

    J. Lo hires the Gaineses.
    We’re not in Waco, TX, anymore.

    “The Gaineses perfected a new Mediterranean look as a part of their aesthetic as seen in Season 5 of ‘Fixer Upper,'” says Kitson, an Allied member of ASID, who predicts they’ll add more Mediterranean flare to J. Lo and A-Rod’s outdoor space as well.

    “We can expect to see some arches and soft Mediterranean tiles,” says Verga. “Finally, we are fairly certain a stainless-steel tub will be the perfect addition to the outside area.”

    Who knows? If this renovation comes to pass, perhaps farmhouse chic will fade in favor of beach house chic instead.

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