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    Christina Anstead Has Big News on the Season Premiere of ‘Christina on the Coast’

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    Christina Anstead has two big reveals on the season premiere of “Christina on the Coast.” One is a huge kitchen and living room renovation, and the other is news about her latest addition—to her family, that is!

    We’re talking, of course, about Christina and husband Ant‘s first child together, Hudson, who was born in September. However, back when Season 2’s first episode was being filmed, Hudson hadn’t  arrived on the scene yet, and his gender was still a mystery to his older siblings.

    The upshot? On this episode, Anstead has grand plans for a gender reveal party where the kids will find out whether a baby brother or sister is on the way.

    But at the same time, Anstead is on deadline to finish a massive kitchen and living room renovation for clients Jamie and Travis, a firefighter (thus the name of the episode, “Firehouse Functional Kitchen”). Unfortunately, their kitchen is in rather bad shape. With green walls, a bad floor plan, and an expensive structural issue, it’s going to take megawork.

    Will Anstead get to relax and celebrate her growing family, or will this renovation get in the way? Read on to find out how she makes both this home makeover and her gender reveal party a smashing success.

    You can’t go wrong with white and gray cabinets

    These outdated cabinets had to go.


    Before renovation begins, Jamie explains that she’s not good with making decisions. For her, choosing colors and picking patterns can be hard, so the pressure is on.

    These white and gray cabinets look perfect!


    Luckily, Anstead has a solution. She brings the couple popular cabinet samples she knows they’ll like. She suggests white shaker cabinets and a gray island. The look is simple but beautiful, and while Anstead may be playing it safe with these colors, it turns out to be a perfect match for Travis and Jamie.

    Go for a bold backsplash

    This gray backsplash is a much better choice than the white subway tile they almost went with.


    While Travis and Jamie love Anstead’s choice for the cabinets, Jamie isn’t so sure about her choice of backsplash.

    Knowing Jamie can get overwhelmed with decision-making, Anstead brings just one sample: a gray, geometric tile that can be laid horizontally or vertically. Christina knows it would go perfectly in the kitchen, but Jamie’s not so sure about the color.

    Jamie ends up choosing a white subway tile, but as soon as the team starts installing it, she realizes her mistake. This kitchen definitely needs something more, and the gray backsplash is a perfect choice. Jamie and Travis settle on the gray tile, laid vertically.

    Genius! It’s a great choice because the tile goes with the gray island, and the vertical pattern moves the eye up, making the space seem bigger.

    A wood mantel adds a rustic vibe

    The new fireplace adds rustic charm.


    When it comes to style, this couple is conflicted. While Jamie likes the rustic farmhouse look, Travis wants the house to have a more “functional firehouse” feel.

    Of course, Anstead wants to incorporate both styles, so one way she gives Jamie the rustic vibe is with a new fireplace mantel.

    Christina Anstead definitely upgraded this old fireplace.


    Before renovation, the fireplace was awkward with its large stones and a strange blue cut-out. With white tile and a wood mantel, this fireplace went from outdated ’80s to farmhouse fabulous.

    Chrome accents add a firehouse feel

    With a rustic mantel in place, Anstead knows she can’t forget about Travis’ wish for some firehouse style. To get it, Anstead adds chrome to the kitchen, installing beautiful light fixtures and some matching hardware for the cabinets.

    With the kitchen finally finished, Anstead is proud of her work.

    Admiring the lights, she says, “The chrome looks supercool.”

    Of course, Travis loves it too. “This is the functional firehouse that I was looking for,” he says, “and it’s beautiful.”

    An extra post could save the budget

    These two posts work perfectly in this kitchen.


    Travis and Jamie hate how closed-off their kitchen is, so naturally Anstead wants to take down a kitchen wall and open up the kitchen to the living room. But before the wall can come down, she needs to figure out a structural solution.

    The space will need a $15,000 steel beam if the kitchen wall is going to come down completely, but that proves to be too expensive for Jamie and Travis. As a cheaper alternative, Anstead suggests keeping two posts in the kitchen.

    “Although posts aren’t ideal,” Anstead says, “we could incorporate a second post, that way it has sort of a built-in look and we could tie it into the island.” This would cost only $4,000, so Jamie and Travis decide on the double posts.

    In the end, the two posts look perfect. They fit right in with the island and match the kitchen style. Plus, they don’t block the view from the kitchen to the living room, giving this family the great sightlines they want.

    Is Christina Anstead’s renovation up to snuff?

    With a $75,000 budget, Anstead has to stay focused for this renovation. Luckily, she’s able to give Travis and Jamie everything they want.

    Their kitchen is bright and functional, while their living room looks cozy and welcoming.

    “This is amazing,” Jamie says when she sees the finished product.

    With her renovation complete and clients satisfied, Anstead moves to ordering cupcakes with colored frosting inside to reveal the gender of her new baby to her kids. Once they take a bite, they see blue. It’s a boy!

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