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    Christina Anstead Nixes a Bathroom Feature Many Parents Might Miss


    Last season, “Christina on the Coast” star Christina Anstead helped her friend Cassie bring her outdated home into the 21st century. But apparently there was more work to do, since we find Anstead back in Cassie’s house for this Season 2 finale, too!

    In the “Out With an Original Bathroom” episode, Anstead is helping Cassie fix up her master bedroom and bathroom so that they will match the style of the updated downstairs. Yet since Anstead is also well into her third trimester of pregnancy, the clock is ticking before she’s out of commission.

    Can Anstead finish this renovation before her newest family member arrives? Read on to find out how she pulls off this rush remodeling job—and what we can all learn about renovating under a tight deadline or otherwise.

    A shower-tub combo, though convenient, feels dated

    That shower curtain had to go.


    The biggest problem with Cassie’s bathroom is the dated style, so Anstead knows she has to give it a big refresh. One way to do that, she decides, is to update the shower-tub combo.

    While some homeowners like the convenience of having a shower and tub in one—particularly moms and dads who might be bathing babies—this style can look dated, especially when paired with an old shower curtain.

    This shower is a big improvement.


    Anstead decides that it’s better to give up the bathtub in favor of modern glass shower doors and a large, walk-in shower.

    In the end, the shower looks so good that Cassie doesn’t care she no longer has a tub!

    Your bathroom tile shouldn’t match your kitchen

    Cassie loves the look of marble, but she’s (surprisingly) not impressed when Anstead brings her marble samples for the new shower.

    While Anstead suggests a marble herringbone pattern for the shower walls, Cassie explains that she’s worried about her shower looking too “matchy-matchy” with the marble herringbone design of the kitchen backsplash.

    So, Cassie and Anstead decide to go shopping for the shower together, and Cassie ends up deciding on large marble slabs.

    The choice is perfect: Cassie gets the marble look she loves, which complements the downstairs design without matching it exactly. Plus, it looks amazing!

    Closet organizers take up space

    This bedroom felt too small.


    Before Anstead starts renovations, she notices Cassie’s built-in closet organizer in the master bedroom. It’s large and takes up a lot of space, making the bedroom and closet look much smaller than they are.

    This room looks so much brighter and bigger now!


    Anstead knows she has to find a better storage solution, so she decides to take out the closet organizer. She then expands the existing closet into the hallway linen closet, making the space twice as big. The result is a luxurious walk-in dressing room with plenty of room for clothes and accessories. Plus, without the organizer, the bedroom looks much bigger, too.

    Makeup vanities add class to a bathroom

    This vanity is the perfect place to get ready in the morning.


    Anstead knows Cassie would love a makeup vanity in her bathroom, so she makes room opposite the sink for an area where Cassie can sit.

    While some homeowners would prefer to save space and do their makeup over the sink, this makeup counter is the perfect choice for Cassie. Plus, Anstead now has plenty of room to add a second sink.

    This is a dream closet.


    Match floors throughout the whole house

    Flooring can be a big part of a renovation, and it certainly was a big part of Cassie’s past kitchen and living room project.

    In order to help the master suite complement the style of the downstairs living room, Anstead decides to use the same floors. The light flooring is as perfect in this bedroom as it is downstairs, and matching the flooring helps the house feel cohesive.

    So, is Christina Anstead’s season finale renovation up to snuff?

    Cassie gives Anstead just $30,000 to redo the bedroom and bathroom, and even with Cassie’s expensive taste in marble, Anstead is able to finish the project right on budget. She opens up the bedroom, gives Cassie an amazing closet, and transforms the bathroom into a beautiful, spalike oasis.

    Plus, she does it all with plenty of time to finish her own nursery and welcome her son, Hudson, into the world.

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