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    Christina Anstead Reveals Her Favorite Backsplash—and It’s So Not What You’d Expect


    Christina Anstead loves knocking down walls to make way for open floor plans, but on the latest episode of “Christina on the Coast,” you have to wonder: Did she go too far?

    In the episode “Blowing Out the Walls,” Anstead is prepping for her baby shower, while also renovating the kitchen and dining area of clients Katherine and Jason.

    And while Anstead has some great ideas for the home, they come at a shocking price. Soon, the project is way over budget.

    So is it all worth it in the end? Check out the results and photos below, plus a few renovation lessons that lie within.

    Not all walls can be easily removed

    This house was so closed-off before.


    Many homeowners love open floor plans, and why not? Wide-open spaces are great for entertaining, for keeping an eye on the kids, and generally for giving everyone some room to breathe. They make the house feel brighter and larger.

    Naturally, Anstead wants to give Katherine and Jason the open concept they want. The only problem is, the existing walls won’t come out as easily as Anstead had hoped. As it turns out, the three walls she wants to remove are load-bearing, and the cost to safely remove those walls comes to a total of $10,000. Gulp!

    With those walls down, this space feels much more welcoming.


    It’s a big hit Jason and Katherine weren’t expecting, but they decide to go with the extra expense and get the layout they’ve been dreaming of.

    Once the renovation is done, and Anstead shows her clients their new kitchen, they are amazed. The space is not only functional, it’s also stunning—and worth the extra cost.

    “It’s like one huge, functioning space,” Jason says of the finished product.

    Christina Anstead’s favorite backsplash is braided?!

    We can tell why Christina Anstead loves this backsplash!


    While Katherine and Jason both know they want a big, open kitchen with a large island, they soon find themselves disagreeing on style.

    Katherine has a vision for a clean, all-white kitchen, while Jason likes a more industrial look. Anstead knows that she’ll have to find a backsplash that will blend these two styles. She’s delighted when her clients choose a unique, braided pattern. The design is simple but unique and gives the kitchen a warm, homey look.

    Anstead even says it’s her favorite backsplash “ever,” and Katherine says it’s “absolutely gorgeous.”

    Even Jason approves of this nonindustrial backsplash.

    “We knew it was going to be something different,” Jason says, “but, like, once it was grouted, the pattern just really pops on it.”

    Go for wood cabinets on the island

    There’s nothing like a huge kitchen island.


    While Katherine says she’d love an all-white kitchen, she has to compromise on her vision. Jason suggests some wood cabinets on the island, and Anstead puts some color into the kitchen. In fact, she loves the couple’s dining table and hopes to match the island to the table’s rustic wood.

    In the end, the wood cabinets make the island pop and the warm color makes the space feel cozy and welcoming. Katherine loves the design and is glad they didn’t stick to plain white.

    Large island offers lots of seating

    Informal dining space at the kitchen island is great for families, plus they’re perfect for entertaining. But usually an island offers limited seating. However, this kitchen has lots of room for a huge island, which means lots of cooking space—and lots of seating.

    Anstead chooses rustic yet industrial bar stools for this island, fitting an amazing six stools across the side. The island features a range and lots of prep space.

    When Katherine and Jason see the finished island, they’re blown away by the size and the functionality.

    “It’s gorgeous,” Katherine says.

    Choose floors you’d want everywhere

    It’s always important to get flooring you love—and luckily for Katherine, she hit the flooring jackpot!

    As soon as she sees Anstead’s choice of warm laminate flooring in the kitchen, she knows she wants it in the rest of the house, too. While the project is already over budget from the expensive wall removal, Katherine decides that it’s worth the extra $4,000 to put the same flooring in all three bedrooms.

    When the renovation is finished, Katherine loves this look throughout the house.

    “The flooring is just beautiful,” she says.

    Of course, Anstead agrees. “The way it looks with the island, it gives it, like, that natural, earthy feel,” she says.

    So, is Anstead’s renovation up to snuff?

    Unfortunately, Anstead’s renovation goes way over budget, totaling $83,000 rather than the $65,000 Katherine and Jason had budgeted.

    It’s a big difference in price, but, as Jason and Katherine discover, the finished product is definitely worth the extra cost.

    “I can’t believe this is the same house,” Jason says of the finished product.

    And the space does look completely different. While the area used to be closed-off and awkward, the kitchen and living room now look amazing with a large cooking area, a functional dining area, a nice sitting area, and even a workstation for kids.

    After everything is done, Anstead is able to walk away from the project feeling proud—and is off to celebrate at her baby shower.

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