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    Christina Haack Is Now Dumping Her House: A Postdivorce Real Estate Sale, Explained

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    Christina Haack is moving on—not only from her second husband, Ant Anstead, but from the house they lived in together.

    Last September, you may recall that the star of “Christina on the Coast” announced her divorce from Anstead after a mere 21 months of marriage. And now, reports have surfaced that she’s also ditching the Newport Beach mansion they resided in and renovated together.

    The price for this 4,800-square-foot, five-bedroom abode? A cool $6 million—an astonishing profit, given that Haack had bought the house just three years earlier for $4.1 million.

    While many divorced couples must sell their property in order to split the proceeds, that may not actually be necessary in Haack’s case. According to property records, this house is solely owned by her, under her previous name, Christina El Moussa.

    Haack had also bought this house in June 2018, six months before she married Anstead in December of that year—further solidifying her sole claim on the property.

    So if she doesn’t have to sell, why is she selling it?

    Haack’s bright and airy living room

    Why Christina Haack may be selling her house

    Even though Haack’s name is the only one on the deed, this doesn’t necessarily mean Anstead doesn’t have a claim on the home they shared during their marriage.

    “In California, as a community property state, most of the time, assets get split right down the middle,” says Tyler Drew, a California developer at Anubis Properties.

    “I would think Anstead may be entitled to something, as he was involved and did put sweat equity into the house,” says Cara Ameer, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker in Los Angeles. “Especially that light fixture in the master bedroom! That was an Ant special.”

    Although they weren’t married at the time Haack bought the house, they were certainly dating.

    “They were both involved with buying this home as they were forming their new life together,” Ameer adds. “All was documented on her show. They were seen house hunting together. Their ‘surprise wedding’ was in the backyard, plus they had a third child when there. Hard to separate all that and claim this was just her house.”

    In retrospect, Ameer theorizes, “He was probably too nice in not insisting [his name] go on the title.”

    The odds are that he will get a cut of this sale.

    “Perhaps this all got worked out as part of the divorce settlement, what he would be getting,” Ameer says. “I don’t think he’s going to walk away and get nothing.”

    Another reason for Haack to sell: The memories

    Some people theorize that Haack’s reasons for listing this house after the divorce may stem from the memories it holds.

    “I’m sure this house reminds her of her life with Anstead, since they oversaw all of the renovations together,” says Ameer.

    Apparently history is repeating itself. Back in 2018, soon after Haack and her former husband, Tarek El Moussa, divorced, they sold the Yorba Linda, CA, family house they owned together. This suggests that when her relationships crumble, Haack prefers to start afresh on the home front.

    There’s miles of marble on this double-sized kitchen island.

    “Given her knack for renovation and design, I’m sure she’s excited to look for her next project to reflect the current phase of her life right now,” says Ameer.

    According to a report from TMZ, Haack is apparently hoping her new place will be closer to the coast, with ocean views—which shouldn’t be hard to do with her sizable budget.

    Sweet dreams are assured in this massive master suite

    How much will Christina Haack’s home sell for?

    While the property listing does not mention Haack by name, it does say, “A once in a lifetime opportunity to own a fully realized & furnished vision by an HGTV celebrity.”

    As such, according to Ameer, the $6 million price tag is right on the money. She says it is likely to result in multiple offers and will probably sell for over asking.

    “The listing language clearly leans on Christina’s notoriety, which isn’t a bad thing, and the intangible celebrity factor will definitely boost the home’s value right out of the gate,” Ameer says.

    Namaste! There’s plenty of room for downward dogs in the yoga studio

    “Low seven-figure values are pretty much the norm in these gated communities above the beach,” Drew confirms. “Houses in Orange County in general go very quickly. Multiple cash over asking offers are common in Newport Beach and surrounding communities, and full-price offers are almost insulting.”

    Haack’s coastal farmhouse taste is impeccable, with on-trend upgrades (wide-plank wood floors, industrial-style windows, white exposed beams) and a pretty neutral palette throughout. The big backyard and pool also make this an excellent spot for a family with kids and folks who like to entertain.

    “Any potential buyer who’s watched the ‘Coast’ show will probably feel a sense of connection to the house, since they saw it being renovated during a few episodes,” Ameer says.

    Barn doors slide open to reveal a sweet kid’s room.

    The heavy lifting of renovation has been done, so this home should have wide appeal, according to Ameer.

    “A buyer may even want to buy it with some or all of the furnishings and accessories,” she says.

    Wine collectors will thrill to a full wall of bottles.

    Why the ‘wall of wine’ may have to go

    All that said, some areas of the home could be lightened up a bit, such as the dark fireplace surround or the dark wall behind the tub in the master bathroom.

    However, it’s the home’s “wall of wine” that’s really giving Ameer pause.

    “This large rack is a bit busy in its current placement in the open kitchen and dining areas,” Ameer says. “I would have rather seen a dedicated storage area or wine room for these bottles.”

    Water slide, pool, lush landscapes—what’s not to love?

    Located in the Santa Ana Heights area of Newport Beach, this home is close to a nature reserve, with popular hiking and biking trails, as well as Newport Harbor and Lido Isle, a hotspot for shopping and dining.

    “Newport Beach is very upscale and attractive to boaters and families,” says Ameer.

    Just 45 miles south of Los Angeles, this area is also prime for homeowners who commute to corporate hubs in Irvine and the John Wayne Airport.

    So while Haack will have to change her monogrammed towels again, she’s likely to make off with a nice profit on this sale, which will fuel a whole new home for her and her family. We can’t wait to see where she lives next!

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