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Creepy or Cool? Pennsylvania Home Comes Complete With a Cave in the Basement

A cave in your basement is the ultimate conversation piece when folks come over for a visit.

Listed for $297,000, a three-bedroom home set in a hill and featuring an underground lair is now on the market in Marietta, PA. Whether you find the cave creepy or cool, it’s a feature found in few homes.

Built at the turn of the 20th century, the home features an unassuming door that opens to a rock-filled hallway. Then steps go down to a 40-foot-long cavern carved into the earth. How the cave came to be is the subject of plenty of speculation.

Cave entrance

Steps down to the cave


“There are a bunch of theories as to what it once was. There were once tunnels that go from the back of the cave to underground Marietta that some believe was possibly used as an underground railroad. It could have also been used as a coal chute or to store ice as well,” says listing agent Natalia Latsios, of Century 21 Home Advisors.

The homeowners bought the property 20 years ago and redid it entirely, Latsios says.

“He and his wife designed and created it for their family,” she said. “They raised four boys here, and she recently passed away. He really just fell in love with the cave when they bought it. He thought it was really cool, interesting, and eclectic, which matches his personality.”

He uses the cave as a place to work on bicycles, but the possibilities for other uses are as open as the rocky room.

As for the rest of the house, Latsios says it’s not creepy at all, but there are a few unusual quirks.

First, she touts the home’s openness and abundance of natural light. One huge highlight is a wide-open living room with exposed beams overhead. Another is an adorable Juliet balcony along with tiny windows near the indoor staircase.

Whimsy is apparent in the home’s design.

There’s “lots of character in little items like hidden compartments and double-sided closets through the house,” she continues. “There is one mirror that lifts and goes into a compartment. Lots of fun things like that.”

The home comes with at least six off-street parking spots at the back.

“Most people who are interested in the house say they would transform it into a wine cellar, which would be really cool,” she says. “Others have said they would turn it into a literal man cave or a cigar lounge.”

Whatever a buyer decides, the agent is sure a new owner will be someone who values the cavern’s history.

“We have seen a wide variety of interest in the home, but I think the buyer will be someone who sees the real beauty and history in the cave.”


Living area

Secret doors


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