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‘Engulfed by Opulence’: $45M Mansion Is Georgia’s Most Expensive Home

A mansion built a couple of decades ago evokes the grandeur of days of yore. Designed to look historic, the regal residence is the most expensive home in all of Georgia.

Measuring over 13,500 square feet, the Georgian-style estate in Bolingbroke, GA, is on the market for $45.25 million.

“There’s so much to see. Essentially, you’re engulfed by opulence. The craftsmanship makes you feel like you kind of step back in time,” says Donda Combs, a sales representative for the home.

The listing agent is Susan Ayers with Clickit Realty.

Known as Great Hill Place and completed in 2002, the home features seven bedrooms and eight full bathrooms. Most importantly, it sits on a 329-acre parcel about 70 miles south of Atlanta.

While the property’s scale is difficult to capture in listing photos, “I describe it as palatial,” says Combs.

Exterior of residence in Bolingbroke, GA


Living space

Dining room





When you enter the home, the first thing you see is a grand staircase to the second floor, flanked by fluted Corinthian columns.

Then you turn your eyes to the sky and see an intricate dome featuring murals of cherubs hovering far, far above.

“It is 85 feet from the ground to the dome,” Combs explains. “You can’t zoom back far enough to show those hand-painted murals, with all those windows at the top.”

The third story of the mansion, a massive rooftop deck, surrounds the dome’s rotunda.

“It’s just this expansive, flat area, and the roof of the rotunda is up there,” Combs explains. “If I was ever going to get married, I would do it there, It’s just gorgeous.”







Intricate woodwork is everywhere. Much of the home—including the main living area and a roomy library—features wood paneling and ceilings.

“It took 15 of the highest-level carpenters three years to do the paneling in the rooms that have the paneling, consistently working around the clock,” Combs says.

In the main bedroom, the huge bathroom has an elaborate ceiling mural.

The current price represents a nearly threefold increase on the list price of early 2021. It was listed for $15.25 million in April and $18.75 million in September. The mansion came back on the market in October with a much steeper asking price.

Combs says the large increase is because both she and the homeowner looked at what the home really cost to build.

“It’s extraordinarily defensible, where we are priced,” she says, adding that the original price didn’t take the property’s outbuildings or many land improvements into account. “I am really comfortable with it.”


Aerial view



Combs says the current owners love the home, but that it’s just too big for them now and they’re looking for a fresh start.

“This house was built to be absolutely everything they wanted it to be,” she says, with no expense spared. “This was going to be their forever home.”

In addition to the house, there are several outbuildings, including a barn, stable, a silo-shaped guesthouse, and much more.

“There’s a 10-acre manmade lake that has an 8-foot waterfall over these really beautiful rocks, and there’s also a lakeside pavilion and a boat ramp,” she says.

While it is undoubtedly large, Combs says the home feels comfortable.

“It is enormous, but it is also very intimate,” she says. “It doesn’t feel cold and feels very inviting.”

Combs says she thinks the buyer might use the place as a second home.

“I have always felt like this was going to be an impulse buy,” she adds. “This is going to be somebody who already is established where they are, but they want to get out of the city and they want space, but they don’t want to sacrifice the quality of life they are used to.”





Living space

Theater room

Outdoor space


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