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    Extreme Opulence or Terribly Tacky? Must-See Photos of a Beverly Hills Condo

    When the tenant of this $1.6 million condo in Beverly Hills, CA, moved in about six years ago, the residence was stark, punctuated by dark hardwood floors and white walls. But those dull days are long gone.

    Over the years, she fastidiously transformed the cookie-cutter space into an old Hollywood sexy, glam retreat like no other.

    It’s a condo now awash in blush pink and crammed with Chanel-emblazoned decor, from the custom carpets to the jeweled lamps. The condo has been transformed into the kind of place Barbie would live in if she ever decided to ditch the Malibu beach house for something in town.

    And for a short window of time, the place is up for grabs with an option to purchase many of the furnishings you see in the wild listing photos.

    Entry Beverly Hills Barbie condo

    Dining room Barbie Bev Hills condo
    Dining space

    The two-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,100-square-foot condo hit the market after the current tenant, who wants to remain anonymous, declined the option to buy.

    As is custom, listing agent Jessica Barouch wanted to see the place before putting it on the market. What she saw amazed her.

    “The design is so beautifully done,” she says, “I thought there might be a market for it.”

    So Barouch persuaded the owners to give her two weeks to sell the place as is. If it doesn’t sell in that time, everything will come down and the condo will be restored to white walls and dark hardwood floors.

    A quick spin through the listing photos shows elements of Hollywood Regency, ’60s-era influences, and an extreme dedication to over-the-top opulence.

    There was also an abiding love for all things Chanel. In 19 of the listing photos, we counted at least 14 that included decor with the fashion brand’s iconic logo of interlocking C’s. Please have a look of the photos for yourself, and let us know if our tally is off.

    Bar Barbie Condo in Beverly Hills

    Kitchen Barbie condo in beverly hills

    Stairs Barbie Beverly Hills condo

    Living room Barbie Bev Hills condo
    Living room

    Upstairs hallway beverly hills barbie condo

    Owner's suite bedroom Barbie condo beverly hills
    Master bedroom

    Owner's suite bath Barbie condo
    Master bath

    Owner's suite closet

    Guest bedroom Barbie condo
    Guest bedroom

    Guest bath
    Guest bath

    Powder room Barbie condo
    Powder room

    Initially it’s hard to visually process this much decor. Fabric-lined walls, faux fur, feathers, and adornments everywhere you look aren’t for every buyer. And the under-the-sea-themed guest bathroom is a bit much.

    But for a home shopper looking for a turnkey glam retreat, we’d be hard-pressed to find something better.

    There’s even a matching custom bed and pink satin stairs for a tiny pooch in the master boudoir.

    dog steps barbie condo beverly hills
    Master bedroom with matching pooch bed

    Barouch says she has shown the property to a handful of interested buyers and hopes someone will fall in love and buy the place as is.

    The unnamed tenant, who dreamed up the current interiors, is moving on Aug. 1 and everything must go.

    Don’t delay if you’re in love with this one-of-a-kind vision. It’s a true work of art!

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