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Fall in Love With These Cozy Mantel Decor Ideas That Usher in an Autumnal Aura

(Photos by @thehousethatalicebuilt / @home.thirtyone / @edwardian_seaside_home via Instagram)

Fall is officially here! This time of year always draws us back indoors and has us focusing on ways to make our homes as cozy as possible. For many of us, that means sprucing up the living room. It’s the place where you’ll spend many a night either curled up with a good book or celebrating the holiday season with family and friends.

One of the easiest ways to give your living room a face-lift without changing much is to switch up the decor on your mantel.

Ever-inspired by interior design on Instagram, we decided to bring you five gorgeously styled mantelpieces that look appropriately autumnal without being too on the nose. You won’t see an explosion of pumpkins here! Just five sophisticated and creative mantel looks, categorized by design style, to try in your space this season.

1. Boho-Scandinavian

First up on our list is this refreshingly simple boho-Scandinavian mantel design from @thehousethatalicebuilt.

“The foundational color palette for boho-Scandi style is white or cream, so you don’t want to stray too wildly away from that palette to create this look for your mantel,” says FLOOR360 interior designer Courtney Wollersheim.

“Add simple decor that incorporates texture, geometric patterns, and natural elements into the mix,” says Wollersheim. “In this space, a framed, classic black-and-white photo with a small snake plant and brushed-brass candleholders achieve this effortless look.”

Get the look: Pair these minimalist Nordic candleholders with a vintage celebrity portrait.

2. Edwardian


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A post shared by Caroline (@edwardian_seaside_home)

This Edwardian-style living room and mantelpiece (from none other than @edwardian_seaside_home) perfectly capture vintage minimalism.

“Edwardian design is full of simple yet well-made interior details—as compared to the more elaborate Victorian-style space,” says Wollersheim. “A mantel in the Edwardian style has intentional, architectural lines with a touch of natural flourish and femininity. This style also includes nature-inspired elements like green, leafy plants with delicate flowers.”

In the room above, we love how the homeowner took a risk by styling two traditional lamps with verdant houseplants.

Get the look: Bring some Edwardian charm to your mantelpiece with a set of bright gold table lamps.

3. Farmhouse minimalist

Another way to bring the magic of the fall season to your mantelpiece is with a farmhouse minimalist design like this one from @home.thirtyone.

“The combination of brick, wood, and a woodsy color palette provides warmth without a lot of clutter,” says designer Eilla Pradier. “Using the unfinished wood for the mantelpiece and then adding just a few elements like the candles allows the natural materials to guide the design.”

Get the look: Let the natural beauty of your mantelpiece shine with a strand of this Eucalyptus garland.

4. Modern traditional


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A post shared by Whitney (@harvelonthehunt)

This look from @harvelonthehunt does feature a few rustic pumpkins on the mantel, but we still like it for the understated way it captures the fall season.

“One of the main goals of modern traditional design style is symmetry above all else, so using a large focal point like a mirror to sit above the fireplace to anchor the room is ideal,” says Wollersheim. “You can easily adapt this look for the upcoming holidays, with fall greenery for November and pine boughs in December.”

Get the look: Use this traditional accent mirror as a starting point to create your very own modern traditional mantelpiece.

5. Artsy maximalism


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A post shared by @themaximalistdreamer

To pull off a more dramatic statement on your mantelpiece, peep at this artsy maximalism look from @themaximalistdreamer.

“The way the 2D and 3D sculptural art plays against the stone mantelpiece creates a wonderful maximalist statement,” says Pradier. “There is so much to engage the eye.”

The key to nailing this look (and not making it look cluttered) is balancing the mix of items on the mantel. The tall items balance out the short one. There’s a nice mix of drawings, sculpture, and photography.

“But there’s a through line: body parts,” says Pradier. “That’s what unifies this into such a captivating design moment.”

Get the look: Re-create an artsy maximalist vibe by pairing this visage sculpture with a framed abstract drawing or two. Scope out original works from your local antiques store or add this abstract print to your cart.

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