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    Free (and Fabulous) Decor! 7 Ways to Reuse Items in Your Home That Will Blow Your Mind


    It can be very expensive keeping up with the latest decor trends—trust us, we’ve tried. That’s why we love the concept of upcycling, because with a few old scraps and some creative DIY power, you can have all-new decor that costs next to nothing.

    But what exactly is upcycling? Much like the name suggests, upcycling involves taking your old stuff (furniture, knickknacks, unworn clothing) and re-creating it into something better.

    The best part is that you likely already have most of this stuff just lying around your house waiting to be remade into something new. Check out this list of our seven favorite upcycling projects—perfect to tackle on your next snow day.

    1. Vintage suitcase side table

    Have an old suitcase lying around and not sure what to do with it? Consider taking on this fun and easy DIY project to transform your old travel bag into a shabby-chic side table (like this one featured by @thehairpinlegco).

    “I love all things vintage and have actually started the hunt for vintage suitcases to include in my own home design,” says Stephanie Purcell, owner of Redesigned Classics. “This idea of a side table uses the suitcase in such a clever way that still manages to show off its original charm.”

    2. Nostalgic CD mosaic

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    Florence and the Machine. Judy Garland. Avril Lavigne. Dashboard Confessional. MGMT. Bright Eyes. Rufus Wainwright. Paul Oakenfold. And so many more! One of the greatest parts about downsizing is finding new ways to use our things rather than just getting rid of them. These CDs have little monetary value anymore, but retain their sentimental value. But why keep things around just so we can reminisce sometimes? I really love the idea of still keeping these memories alive, but honoring them in such a beautiful and fun way! I am so happy with the final result! Now every time I look at our backsplash I will be reminded of so many sweet, sad, and exciting memories! As always….thanks for looking! #ourtinybusadventure #turtletop #busreno #tinyliving #tinybus #busconversion #vanlifediaries #tinykitchen #skoolie #skoolieconversion #cds #cdmosaic #30hours #mosaic #florenceandthemachine #judygarland #avrillavigne #dashboardconfessional #mgmt #brighteyes #rufuswainwright #pauloakenfold #music #fortheloveofmusic #backsplash #talentedkitchen

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    If you still haven’t gotten around to throwing out or selling your ancient CD collection, then you’re in luck—because you’ll want every single one of them for this upcycling project.

    “With media having gone digital, it leaves a lot of music lovers with epic stacks of unused CDs,” Purcell says. “Instead of paying for expensive mosaic tile, you can create your own with some of your favorite music—it adds a sentimental and personal touch.”

    The possibilities for this DIY are endless. You can make a kitchen backsplash, like we see in this post from @ourtinybusadventure, a set of plates, or even a birdbath.

    3. Gilded honey bear vase

    Ever wondered why it’s worth paying extra for those adorable honey bears? Well here’s a solid reason: because they can be made into even cuter vases (like this one featured by @girldoitblog).

    “These are beyond adorable, and you could also paint them to match a nursery or give them as baby gifts,” says Vicki Liston, the voice behind On the Fly DIY. “Your little ones would also love finger-painting cleaned honey bears as a project.”

    Get all the details on how to best prep and decorate your empty honey bears with this DIY.

    4. Customizable crate shelving

    The possibilities for old wooden crates are endless. You can paint them and hang them on the wall, make organizer bins for the kids, or just give them a coat of varnish and stack ’em up, like we see in this photo from @lizasplantygram.

    “This is so customizable, you can mount them farther apart and place taller items on top of the boxes, or closer together for more compact shelving,” says Liston. “Mounting them all either ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ will give a more streamlined, modern look while mixing both is eye-catching and rustic.”

    Get the full list of materials plus some extra inspiration from this DIY.

    5. Entertainment center-turned-kids’ play kitchen

    Have an old entertainment center collecting cobwebs in the basement? Get the kids involved, and make it over into the ultimate play kitchen (like this one from @mama.jots).

    “I see so many entertainment centers at thrift stores and yard sales just begging for this project,” Liston says. “What a great way to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture while avoiding the purchase of unnecessary, eco-unfriendly plastic.”

    Get started with this tutorial.

    6. Shipping boxes that become storage baskets

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    Cute diy twine basket! 🙌 Credit: @buzzfeednifty

    A post shared by A R T S & C R A F T S 💐 (@diyandcraftinginspo) on

    You can never have too many storage baskets, and after this DIY tutorial, you’ll never want to pay for one again. Who would’ve thought you could have such a cute basket (like this one featured by @diyandcraftinginspo) just by upcycling all of your Amazon boxes?

    “We could all use more storage options in our lives, but baskets are ridiculously expensive,” says Liston. “This easy solution gives you the same beautiful baskets but at a fraction of retail prices.”

    7. Sustainable teacup candles

    Old teacups are hard to part with, but you won’t have to once they’re upcycled into candles like these ones featured by @moonlightmuse_designs, and in this awesome DIY.

    “While some suggest using soy wax, the most eco-friendly option is to make beeswax candles,” says Stephanie Seferian, host of “The Sustainable Minimalists” podcast. “Soy and paraffin pollute air, while beeswax purifies it. And while beeswax pellets require significant time to melt, the end product will be just as lovely as its soy or paraffin counterparts.”

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