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    Gnarly! Inside the ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ House, Now for Sale

    Hold onto your doobie, and those Blue Öyster Cult ticket stubs! The house from the classic 1982 teen flick “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” is now for sale for the first time in 20 years, for $739,999.

    As the listing puts it, “How often do you have a truly rare opportunity to live in a home where a famous movie was filmed? Your opportunity is now!”

    Located north of Los Angeles, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom house served as the home of Brad and Stacy Hamilton (Judge Reinhold and Jennifer Jason Leigh), who hosted pool parties that were the stuff of adolescent dreams.

    And surprisingly, this property (listed with Pinnacle Estate Properties) hasn’t changed all that much since then—on the exterior, at least. It’s so eerily familiar, in fact, that you can almost smell the weed wafting by.

    “When you’re talking about a house that brings back those exciting times from the ’80s, this place really sums it up,” says Odest T. Riley, Jr., CEO of WLM Financial, a real estate brokerage firm in Inglewood, CA.

    Why the ‘Fast Times’ house could sell fast

    If past movie home sales are any indication, the “Fast Times” house could get snapped up fast. Its celebrity status is likely to create some buzz that could lead to multiple offers.

    Just add a red bikini, like the one Phoebe Cates wore, and you’re set.

    “As we’ve seen from ‘The Brady Bunch‘ and ‘Golden Girls‘ homes, there’s no doubt that this listing will yield multiple offers and a quick sale,” says Cara Ameer, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker in Los Angeles.

    But money may talk even louder than fame. The reasonable price of this home is probably enough to attract serious buyers who may not even be aware of (or care about) this home’s famous past.

    “‘Fast Times’ was a great movie, and the pool scene will always stand out for most men ages 35 to 45,” says Tyler Drew, CEO of Anubis Properties in Los Angeles.

    However, as he points out, “The movie didn’t really center around the house, and in fact you could have driven past it and never known it was used in the filming.”

    This L.A. neighborhood, West Hills, Ameer says, is a popular place for getting more for your money when the price tag is south of $1 million—and if you’re OK with ranch-style homes from the ’60s and ’70s.

    “Homes in this area have a strong list-to-sale price ratio, and tend to go fast,” she adds. “And if this house was a bit more fixed up, it would likely command at least $60K or more over the current asking price.”

    A tour inside the house

    The yellow-orange color scheme is just a few decades out of date.

    While the home’s poolside has maintained much of its on-screen allure, the interior used for filming the movie has long been wiped clean, and the new decor is pretty, um, intense.

    “The interior colors are definitely taste-specific,” says Ameer. “But it’s nothing a little paint can’t take care of.”

    It’s homey—and also tangerine…

    According to the listing, this house has a new roof, water heater, fresh exterior paint, and a surround-sound system. French doors lead to the backyard.

    “The carpet and flooring seem to be in good condition, and the bathrooms have had a touch-up over the years,” says Drew. “But the kitchen looks to have been completely forgotten.”

    Still, it’s not a museum, and the property doesn’t look difficult to fix up.

    “The kitchen is livable if a buyer doesn’t have the bandwidth to renovate it after withstanding a bidding war,” says Ameer.

    “And there’s tons of potential to open up a wall between the cook and living spaces and add an island to make it more functional and good for entertaining.”

    Spacious bedrooms have loads of potential.

    A buyer with a creative eye and a bit of dough could add a modern, open feel to the floor plan, adding substantially to the value in terms of resale, says Ameer.

    “With some new paint, appliances, and a bathroom upgrade, you could see a huge return,” she says.

    Kick back on the expansive deck.

    Best of all, the listing boasts great-looking landscaping, and the pool and decking are in excellent shape.

    “The pool is turning into a huge must-have amenity during the pandemic,” Ameer adds.

    And let’s be honest: How rad would it be able to tell your guests about this pool’s famous past?

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