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Have Ghostly Housemates? Maybe Your Home Needs a Spiritual Cleanse


Doors slam. Rooms feel cold. The faucet seems to turn itself off and on. And what was that? Were those footsteps on the stairs?

If you suspect there are more than dust bunnies hiding in the corners of your home, who ya gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters, exactly, but perhaps a psychic medium.

Many offer “house cleansings,” a service that promises to rid your home of unwanted ghostly tenants or just the emotional baggage left behind by the previous inhabitants—a kind of spiritual Dirt Devil®.

Here’s how it all works.

Is your house ‘haunted’?

According to our psychic pros, most homeowners call not because they’ve seen a ghost, but because they’ve experienced general negativity in their home (and not just from brooding teenagers): an uptick in spousal arguments, a family pet suddenly changing character.

“More than anything else, it is emotional stuff” that drives people to call, says Patti Negri, a psychic medium and reality TV personality based in Long Beach, CA. “You feel it: sadness, anger, tiredness, arguments, animals acting up.”

And yet it may seem that the problem isn’t just interpersonal (or interspecies) relations.

“Sometimes something negative is attached to the home,” says a psychic medium in Orange County, CA, who calls herself Mata and specializes in house blessings and clearings. “Maybe someone died there but hasn’t really moved away from the space that they call home.”

This happened to Mata herself.

“I never felt comfortable in the house. I would wake up with scratches all over my arms,” she says. “I knew there was a spirit in my home and that—like many spirits—they were angry, confused, and didn’t know why they were still there.”

Classic haunted house stuff applies, too, such as doors opening and closing, lights flickering, or cold spots in the bedroom.

How does your psychic cleanser work?

Many use what they call “spirit guides.”

“I work with ancestors and spirits and angels. I connect with them to help heal a home or a restless spirit,” says Mata. You might find her singing, drumming, or dancing to get in touch with them.

Negri says she also calls on the forces of nature. “I use air for the intellect, thought process, and organization,” she says. “Fire represents the passion, creativity, love, sex, and art. Water is the emotions. And then I go into the earth, which is a sense of grounding.”

What the heck do they actually do?

With spirit guides and tools in tow, psychic mediums tour your home in search of the paranormal. “When I’m going through a house, I’ll hear and see things on an intuitive level, things that are unseen. I know if someone is there,” says Mata.

Working counterclockwise, a medium will go through the home room by room, physically as well as psychically, pushing the baddies away.

“I will literally take a broom and sweep into the corners, on the ceiling, everywhere. We want it to feel like it has been bleached white,” Negri says.

A psychic medium may keep a toolkit. Sage is a psychic’s Magic Eraser®: Burn it, and the spirits and bad vibes vanish. Psychics may also use holy water, saltwater, bay leaves, or something from your yard.

“I get a twig or something from their land. I ask permission of the plant, dip it in the water, and go around blessing the home,” Mata says.

Psychic mediums believe they can attach positive energy to an object, like the twig, then walk around, touch it to other objects, or give it a prominent place, thus transferring the positivity in and pushing the negativity out.

They may also suggest design fixes for spiritual ailments. “Two mirrors facing each other is a spirit portal,” says Negri. Moving one can close that ghostly door.

If the spirit’s still there, a physic medium will attempt to commune.

“I once cleared a home where an older woman had died in the bedroom. I just spoke to her and said, ‘This home is for Jenny now, so please move on,’” Mata says. And, apparently, the spirit did. “She didn’t need to be there anymore.”

How do you find one?

Unless you’re a psychic yourself, you’ll need some conventional search tools to find your spiritual medium (have you heard of Google?). You can also reach out to groups such as the American Association of Psychics, which maintains a database of psychics.

The cost depends on the experience level of the psychic medium, the size of the job, and the local competition (it is a business, after all). Most psychic mediums visit a home or consult over the phone to calculate an estimate. On average, don’t expect to pay less than a few hundred bucks.

How do you know you’ve been properly cleansed?

As with anything paranormal, there’s no physical proof of a successful psychic cleansing. It’s all anecdotal: Homeowners say they feel lighter and more positive inside their homes postcleansing, according to Mata. Maybe the mirrors stop cracking.

After a cleanse, our professional paranormals say, you’ll feel a difference, but just like a traditional cleansing, you may need to repeat. It’s in a ghost’s and spirit’s very nature to return.

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