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    Heather Rae Young of ‘Selling Sunset’ Reveals Top Tips That Help Glam Up a House


    Heather Rae Young has been making headlines of late, thanks to her relationship with “Flip or Flop” star Tarek El Moussa, but Young is also a reality TV star—and real estate expert—in her own right.

    Young is one of the real estate agents featured on Netflix’s series “Selling Sunset,” as she hustles to sell high-end properties in Los Angeles. The show’s third season starts in early August.

    With years of experience under her belt, she shares plenty of tips on the show about how to make a house look luxurious and sell for top dollar. But she isn’t just speaking to the owners of high-end Hollywood mansions. Her advice applies to all properties, regardless of location and price point.

    Curious about the real estate secrets she divulges on her show? Read on to learn Young’s best tips for adding some Hollywood glam to a home.

    The right staging helps people feel at home

    Young knows that this decor doesn’t work for her vision of the house.


    Young knows the importance of home staging—and even enjoys the process, as she says in the season one premiere, “If Looks Could Sell.”

    “It’s fun to be creative,” she says. “Who doesn’t like decorating and pulling everything together?”

    It doesn’t always go as planned, though, as in the case of one $5.5 million home in Hollywood.

    The home has a renovated kitchen and a large living space, so Young tells her stager to give the space a clean, modern look that lets these features shine.

    Unfortunately, her stager chooses an eclectic style, with a cowhide rug in front of the fireplace and a large bust on the dining table. The final effect isn’t clean or modern at all.

    This staging makes the house look much brighter!


    So, Young has the decor reconfigured to achieve the streamlined style she’s looking for. In the end, it looks perfect. There’s just enough furniture to make the house seem homey without letting the furnishings overwhelm the space.

    “I feel like this is super universal now,” Young says. “Anyone can walk in and envision themselves [here]. I love it.”

    Young is proved right when the house ends up selling quickly, for $5,425,000.

    Family-friendly features are always a plus

    Heather Rae Young
    Young talks to her boss about her plans for her latest listing.


    Young makes another important discovery with this $5.5 million listing. At first, she thinks the house screams “party pad,” so she doesn’t even bother to add kid-friendly touches, assuming that families will steer clear of it.

    However, one of her first interested buyers is quick to ask about school districts, proving Young’s hunch wrong.

    Luckily, Young has that info to hand, but it serves as a helpful reminder that family-friendly amenities are always a plus. Even potential buyers without kids could pop some out one day, or want to sell to a family in the future.

    Build it big, and buyers will come

    One of this house’s best qualities is its uniquely large size for the area.


    Throughout the first two seasons of the show, Young is excited about her agency’s biggest listing, a $40 million home in the Hollywood Hills that’s being built from the ground up.

    At that price, of course, the house is incredible. Young, meanwhile, is quick to point out the home’s most unique feature: the square footage.

    She explains that this house is the last of its generous size to be built in the area, because of new building restrictions. That bodes well for the property’s future, since everyone loves a roomy home.

    Unique amenities help a house stand out

    This pool is absolutely stunning!


    Of course, this $40 million home comes with super-deluxe amenities, like a 12-car garage, home theater, in-home spa, and even a 150-foot long pool with breathtaking views of Los Angeles.

    While most homes won’t have these features, the lesson still applies to selling more typical homes.

    Whether you have a gorgeous free-standing tub in the master bath or a treehouse in your backyard, flaunt it! It’s the extra amenities that get buyers excited.

    A great bathroom should feel like a spa

    This glass shower makes the bathroom look incredibly chic.


    While Young works hard, she doesn’t spend all her time selling Los Angeles homes. In one episode, she tours the stunning new apartment of her boss, which has a modern look and amazing views of the city.

    One feature may have been the home’s biggest selling point: the bathroom.

    “I love the see-through shower,” she says. With glass on three sides, it’s stylish, modern, and original.

    While the kitchen and living room may be especially important to buyers, a bathroom can also sell a home. This bathroom, which has a masculine, spa vibe, features a free-standing tub and gorgeous dark counters.

    No matter how stunning the house, location still matters

    LA house
    This home is beautiful, but its location makes it a hard sell.


    While there’s so much that goes into making a home feel gorgeous, there’s one important thing that even the best real estate agent can’t change: location.

    These buyers love the house, but they don’t like the location.


    Young learns this lesson when she has a hard time selling a beautiful home perched at the top of a windy mountain road. Her clients love the home, but the drive up to it makes them feel so nervous they are deterred from buying it.

    While proximity to key parts of the city is a big factor for Los Angeles listings, given its infamously congested highways, location is a big selling point for homes anywhere.

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