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    • Here’s How the Property Brothers Build the Ultimate Bachelor Pad on ‘Celebrity IOU’

    Here’s How the Property Brothers Build the Ultimate Bachelor Pad on ‘Celebrity IOU’


    “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott enjoy a bachelor pad as much as the next guy, so they’re excited to whip one up for comedian Kevin Hart on the latest “Celebrity IOU.”

    In the Season 3 episode “Kevin Hart’s Heartfelt Thanks,” Hart says he wants to surprise his friend Ronald, aka Boss, with a home renovation. Boss is a physical trainer who helped Hart walk again after a nearly fatal car wreck, so Hart wants to express his gratitude by turning Boss’ Los Angeles home into the perfect hangout, complete with room to train and even a mini barbershop.

    Here’s how the Scott brothers put together a masculine space that has plenty of style, including plenty of lessons that might inspire some upgrades around your own house, too.

    Dark colors and thick posts create a masculine vibe

    Before: This house was a wreck, inside and out.


    When Drew and Jonathan first see this house, they’re shocked. The place is in terrible shape, inside and out, so the brothers decide to start this man cave makeover outside.

    “We want to treat the outside of Boss’ new space with the same sense of elegance and style that we’re bringing to the indoors,” says Jonathan.

    Kevin Hart
    Removing this old brick fireplace helps the exterior.


    So they give the exterior a dark, moody color (rather than white), and beef up the posts on the porch. Between the new heavy paint hue and the more substantial posts, the house certainly looks more masculine.

    “Now, everything’s going to feel a little more robust,” Jonathan says.

    After: With a new color, new siding, and different posts, this home is truly  transformed.


    Balance dark wall colors with lighter decor

    Before: The Scott brothers decide to remove this off-center fireplace so they can start with a clean slate in the living room.


    Hart wants this entire house to be a cool hangout for Boss and their friends. So this space needs a warm and welcoming vibe—and that starts with the right shade of paint.

    The brothers want to choose a color that’s dark and manly, but they don’t want it to be so dark that this man cave actually feels like a cave.

    “I like the idea of having that masculine, rugged feel,” Drew says. “But you’ve got to have some balance.”

    After: This dark living room is manly but not too dark.


    They end up choosing a dark gray for the walls of the living room. In order to make this space not feel claustrophobic, the brothers break up the bold wall color with large artwork, lighter-colored furniture, and other features.

    In the end, the interior paint looks great. The home certainly has an edgy, rugged style, but with plenty of bright decor to break up the shadowy tones, the living space still feels welcoming.

    With dark walls, add lots of natural light

    Jonathan Scott helps install black-framed windows.


    To continue the dark theme, Drew and Jonathan choose black-framed windows for this house. This gives the living room some dimension and draws the eye to the view of the yard outside.

    “These thin, black-framed windows, it feels like something you’d see in a really cool commercial spot in New York,” Drew says.

    But, of course, looks aren’t the only cool thing about these windows. These are thermally broken windows, meaning they’re high-performance insulators and an eco-friendly option. These windows look amazing and will help Boss save money on electricity.

    Invest in glass doors for better indoor-outdoor flow

    This house is all about the finishes.


    While the big windows look great, Hart wants the backyard to be the ultimate training and entertaining space. So the Scott brothers install huge glass doors on the back wall, choosing a style that matches the black-framed windows.

    “This is going to add that indoor-outdoor flow that Kevin knows Boss will love, and it’ll flood the whole room with light,” Jonathan says.

    Boss and Kevin Hart check out the Scott brothers’ work.


    Add new colors and shapes to a checkerboard floor

    Hart wants to build a separate space in the house where Boss can get his hair cut. Hart wants the space to feel separate from the rest of the house, so the Scott brothers accomplish this by switching up the flooring.

    Jonathan brings Hart samples of floor tiles, saying that they can go with white, gray, or black, or use two colors together, creating a unique version of a checkerboard pattern.

    barber shop
    After: This tile give the space a classic barbershop feel without relying on the checkerboard style.


    Hart decides on the gray and white look, with Jonathan saying, “Gray and white is going to be subtle, classic, really nice.”
    When the tile is finished, it looks great. The soft gray and unique shape make these tiles look like a hipper version of a checkerboard pattern. It’s a great design that would look great in any bathroom or kitchen—not just a barbershop.

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