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    Here’s Just How Beautiful Your Cat’s Litter Box Could Be


    No matter how much you love your cat, we’re betting you don’t love its litter box.

    Cat owners often hide the litter box far, far away in a bathroom or laundry room, stashing it well out of sight (and far enough to keep odors at bay). But it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, there are plenty of beautiful, high-design litter boxes that blend in with your home decor—or even better, don’t look like a litter box at all. Really.

    Looking for a more stylish litter box for your feline friends? Here are a few options to consider that will prove just how pretty a litter box can be.

    ‘The world’s most beautiful litter box’

    The Cove litter box features a simple design, with an integrated scoop, hand brush, and dustpan.

    Tuft & Paw

    Released just this January, the Cove litter box ($99, Tuft & Paw) is the newest option to hit the scene. The company calls it “the world’s most beautiful litter box,” but does it live up to this lofty claim?

    Created by a “cat-obsessed” team of furniture designers, engineers, and cat behaviorists, this box was designed to be easy to clean, with an integrated scoop, hand brush, and dustpan.

    “If you ask any cat owner, they’ll tell you the most annoying part about owning a cat is the litter box,” Tuft & Paw founder Jackson Cunningham explained in a news release. “It’s something that you interact with every day, yet it’s a hassle to clean, and the available options are really bad.”

    The Cove litter box is made from recycled ocean plastics and is toxin-free. The company will also facilitate the transportation of any of their litter boxes that are no longer needed to a local animal shelter for reuse.

    Litter box cabinet

    Keep your litter box stashed in this cabinet, which has a little window for your kitty.

    This simple cabinet litter box ($116.99, easily blends in with your bathroom or living room decor, helping you stash away your cat’s litter box. It doubles as a hideaway with a little window so your feline can peep out from the interior. Just make sure kitty can open the door, OK?

    Top-entry litter box

    Cats enter through the top of this litter box, keeping mess away.

    Keep your cat from scattering litter throughout the house with this top-entry litter box ($32.99, The rounded modern look adds a design element to your home, and no one would guess it was a litter box. It also includes a hook to hang the scoop.

    End table litter box

    This cute cabinet features a cat-shaped window.

    This end table litter box ($93.99, has a cat-shaped window for easy entry for your feline, and lots of space for a litter box or pet bed. Use it as a bedside table or end table next to the couch.

    Retro-style litter box

    This retro-looking litter box includes storage and is easy to clean.

    Cat and Family

    Along with being adorable, this retro-looking litter box ($169.21, Cat and Family) was created to make cleanup a cinch. It features hidden storage and a litter pan that pulls out like a drawer for easy scooping.

    Litter box with play area

    litter box
    A litter box plus play area

    This kitty house ($173.99, features three drawers, a cabinet to keep your litter box out of sight, and lots of climbing and play space. And there’s plenty of space for several cats.

    Corner kitty litter box

    Perfect for small spaces, this litter box fits into any corner of your home.

    Designed for small spaces, this corner litter box ($174.99, easily fits into any crevice of your home so your cat can do its business out of the way. The top is removable for easy cleaning.

    Planter litter box

    litter box
    A litter box that looks like a houseplant

    Disguise your litter box as a potted plant ($68.99, that blends in with your decor. It features a cutout for your pet, and comes apart to making cleaning easy.

    Cabinet with scratch pad

    Hide litter boxes in this cabinet, which also has a scratch pad.

    Keep your feline friend’s litter box hidden away in this stylish cabinet enclosure ($73.99, It features an opening at the top and a built-in scratch pad.

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