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HGTV’s Latest Design Team Unveils a Whole New Look on ‘Building Roots’


HGTV has a new power couple with a whole new aesthetic.

Cristi and Ben Dozier are the hosts of the new series “Building Roots,” where the married couple (and parents of four) make over homes in the mountain town of Pagosa Springs, CO.

In the premiere episode, “Bringing the Outdoors In,” Ben and Cristi help clients Angela and Jeremiah McElwee renovate their four-bedroom cabin, which sits on an incredible 39-acre lot. The 1984 home is a little dated, so the McElwees are hoping to modernize it while maintaining a nature-inspired style.

Here’s how the McElwees put their $200,000 budget to good use—along with plenty of lessons on how to add rustic elements that also look sophisticated. Whether you own a cabin in the woods or just want to bring a little bit more of the outdoors in, it’s clear that HGTV’s newest design team is off to a great start.

A steel and live-edge wood staircase makes a statement

dated staircase
This dated staircase looked like it was hiding a hot tub.


When Cristi and Ben first tour this house, they find a dated staircase with an odd, rounded railing on the landing. During their initial tour, Angela even brings attention to the strange stairs, saying this feature has a “hot-tub sort of vibe.”

The HGTV stars agree that this dated railing will need to go, and they end up taking down the whole staircase. In its place, they commission an elegant steel staircase with treads crafted from live-edge wood.

new staircase
After: The steel staircase gives the whole home a modern look.


Between the soft lines from the wood and the sleek, industrial look of steel, it’s clear why Ben loves the addition. In fact, it might end up being his favorite part of the renovation.

“There’s always one element in every project that I get really excited about,” he says. “And this one, the staircase that we had to demo out, was such an ordeal—and then the staircase we’re putting in is going to be kind of an even bigger ordeal but in a much cooler way.”

These live-edge wood steps soften the modern look of steel.


A longer mantel can revamp a fireplace fast

This stone fireplace was dated, but it brought in a touch of that natural look.


While the home’s stone fireplace might seem as dated as the old staircase, Cristi and Ben are sure the feature will complement the organic aesthetic their clients want. Still, this doesn’t mean the fireplace is perfect as is.

The renovators switch out the small wood mantel with a much longer piece. The bulkier piece makes this fireplace look extra grand while also making the room feel more robust.

Cristi and Ben show that not every dated feature needs to be removed. Sometimes subtle updates, like a new mantel, are all a fireplace needs for a whole new look.

updated living room
After: The bigger mantel pulls the look together.


Stone and wood give the kitchen some nature-inspired style

old dining room
Cristi and Ben Dozier wanted to open up the kitchen.


Right away, Cristi and Ben know the kitchen needs a lot of work, so they demolish the space, open up a wall, and add black granite counters and gray cabinets. Then, to finish the design, they take inspiration for the backsplash from the stone fireplace.

“We really want to take a lot of that local natural stone. We want to repeat it in the kitchen,” Ben says.

They finish the kitchen with open shelves featuring natural-edge wood.

After: This kitchen feels rich and organic.


The new nature-inspired kitchen design has a simple layout with beautiful finishes, including the open shelves, a textured countertop, and lots of wood and stone elements.

open shelves
One beautiful addition to this kitchen is the open wood shelves with a live edge.


Enlarge windows for a better view of the outdoors

living room
This living room was dark and dingy.


While Ben and Cristi know bringing some rustic design into the living space will give it a more natural look, they realize that nothing beats a view of the great outdoors. They replace the small windows with beautiful big ones that let in more light and provide a magnificent view of the greenery outside.

After: With big windows, the living room looks and feels brighter and airy.


Add a stone wall in the bathroom

dated tub
This dated tub needed a makeover.


In the main bathroom, Cristi and Ben want to continue the outdoors theme with natural materials.

“The materials in the main bathroom are very earth-tone, very masculine in some ways, but also very Colorado-y,” Ben says.

They decide on a mix of modern and natural, selecting a slate honeycomb flooring tile, simple white subway tile, and a stone shower wall. They run the stone all the way across the wall, by the shower and tub.

“You definitely feel like you’re in an outdoor shower,” Ben says of the unique feature.

rock wall
After: With simple tile and bold stone, this bathroom looks beautiful.


When Angela and Jeremiah see the finished bathroom, they love the mix of modern and outdoor style. This space truly has the best of both worlds.

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