Home Building Trends of 2014

    Over the course of the past decade, new home construction has become an increasingly popular choice for those looking for their dream homes. With relatively low land and construction costs these days, it actually makes good financial sense for many to opt for new construction rather than buying a pre-built home.

    Those who are considering the option to break ground on a new home in the coming year should make themselves aware of the most popular home building trends of 2014. This way, they can enjoy a home that has everything they need while keeping up with design trends that may improve resale value down the road.

    Using USA-Built Materials

    One of the most popular trends that many new homeowners are going with when it comes to new construction is that of opting for materials that have been manufactured or produced in the United States rather than imported from other countries.

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    While going with USA-made materials often means spending a little bit more, many homeowners agree that having an authentic American-made home is worth the extra cost and may also be a huge selling point in the future.

    Many retailers and wholesalers can point homebuyers in the right direction for American-made materials such as drywall, insulation, flooring, carpeting, appliances, and much more.

    Smart Technology and Home Automation

    Another popular trend that is sure to continue into 2014 and beyond is that of smart home technology and home automation. An example of this is an interior and exterior lighting system that you can control remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device.

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to what can be controlled remotely: thermostats, electronics, lighting, sprinkler systems, and security systems are just a few aspects of a home that can be automated.

    Brick Exteriors

    While vinyl siding may be a cheaper option when it comes to home exteriors, brick is more popular today than ever before. Many homeowners agree that it is well worth the additional cost to go with brick than it is siding.

    Another popular option is a brick and stone combination, though this can be quite pricey. Those who are on a budget but want to have that brick appearance may opt for brick in the front of the home and go with vinyl siding along the sides and/or back of the home to save money. This is a common option among many new homeowners these days.

    Stainless Appliances

    Black and white kitchen appliances are out and stainless steel is here to stay. When it comes to choosing refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, microwaves, and other home appliances, it is worth it to pay the little bit extra for stainless steel. This will ensure a classy appearance and higher resale value down the road.

    There are many home building trends to keep in mind for those considering new construction in 2014. Be sure to keep these in mind for any new home to ensure the best results.

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